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HBBC week 5 update

I'm very much looking forward to the end of the Holiday Booty Buster Challenge. Sorry, I'm just kind of over feeling like I need to rack up points on a daily basis or face the humiliation of writing a big fat goose egg on the spreadsheet. I guess I like to motivate myself, and hate failing in any way, even if it's only not living up to the expectations I set for myself. Blame the type A personality I've got going for me. I even demoted my status from doer to builder a few weeks back. Not making me feel any better about the low numbers I continue to bring in. 

And enough of my pity party. 

HBBC week 5 update

Week 1: 3pts
Week 2: 4pts
Week 3: 27pts
Week 4: 9pts

Week 5: Dec. 17-23
Sat & Sun: 0
Mon: 40 mins yoga, f&v, 3pts
Tue: 3 mile run, 3pts
Wed: 80 mins yoga, f&v, 5pt
Thur: 5 mile run, 5pts
Fri: f&v 1pt
total: 17pts

Week 6: in progress
Sun: f&v 1pt
Mon: 5 mile run, 5pts

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