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Holiday parties

{allow me to get my inner "woo girl" going}

It's almost Christmas, it's Friday, and I have another week of vacation ahead of me {minus a short day at the salon on Saturday}.

I certainly hope you have been enjoying your week before Christmas. I very much enjoyed a few days off, working out in the mornings, running errands and relaxing during the day, and even having a few days of Harry Potter movie marathons to keep me going while gift wrapping. 

Since it's the season for holiday parties, I thought I would share a couple photos from the two I have been to lately! The first is a photobooth picture from Billy's company holiday party. I had so much fun with my pal Nicole, whom we set up on a blind date with Billy's co-worker  fireman Matt {remember him?}.
The next photos are from Billy and Matt's department dinner. Nicole was once again in tow as Matt's date. It's safe to say they hit it off and are practically inseparable now! I'm a happy little match maker, when my pairings go off without a hitch.
I love this man!
 One drink. One very strong drink, and I can't even hold my own head up, so Nicole had to help. Matt photo bombed us.
 That's my drinking face. Nicole is giving off gangsta vibes and Matt's laughing at us both.
 I must think I am quite the artist once I have a drink in me. We were given crayons to draw on the paper table cloths, and this is the caricature of Matt and Nicole I came up with! And then I drew myself in stick form!
That's one incredibly strong drink, let me tell you. It was a blood orange martini, but there was nothing orange about it. All liquor! I was dying, and that is all I had to drink. Yes, I am a lightweight, cheap date, etc. 

Hope all of your holiday parties have been merry and bright! 

Merry Christmas!!


  1. HP marathon, can't get enough of it! I'm also a lightweight when it comes to drinking, hehe.
    Merry Christmas!

  2. Very pretty pictures! I am envying your partying!

  3. Look at you Miss Match Maker!! You and Nicole are smoking' hot!! Love the photo booth idea.


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