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On the road to winning

By the time this post hits your feed, I will be well on my way to southern California in a car packed with lots of food {only the healthy variety for this road trip}, and one of my favorite people along with her sweet hubby. We will be gone all weekend, as Tiffany is competing in her fourth fitness competition in the last 13 months. I have been by her side for each one, providing stage worthy makeup and sassy hair, a calming and reassuring presence, and of course, one of the most bad ass cheering sections in the whole auditorium as she walks across the stage. 
Tiffany works hard to look like this. It's not some "Oh I workout 3 times a week and eat whatever I want most of the time" kind of deals {that's MY fitness outlook hah!}. No, she is up every morning and on her treadmill before she can even think about breakfast, sprinting, lunging, squatting and sprinting some more for a good 45 minutes. Later in the day she has a strength training session, and then another treadmill workout. Every. Day. Her diet is always on point, filled with nutritious veggies, complex carbs and muscle building protein. She got a cheat meal once a week up until this last week, but she always stuck to the diet the rest of the time. I admire her so much!
Yup, I am wearing a "Team Tiffany" shirt that I made in the above pic. That's her cute face too ;)
I envy her resolve, her will power, her drive, and most of all, her strength. She has taught me so much about nutrition, how the different foods you put in your body affect you more than just on the scale, and how effective exercise is so different from just "working out". 
Tiffany has been working with new trainers in preparation for this show, and I can't believe the changes I have seen in her. Her diet changed, her exercise routine changed, and she of course changed with it. This chick is always in awesome shape, but seeing the definition many weeks out that I normally only see on her when she's on stage was astounding. I know she will do well, and I have my fingers crossed that she will place high. 
Good luck Tiffany! I will be screaming for you until I am hoarse! 


  1. I pray that some day I can be even 1/4 as strong as your friend and the girls who compete in those competitions are. They are so strong and determined, its amazing. I work hard but these women kick ass!!

  2. That's so cool! Tell Tiffany she's looking a little pale and needs to work on her tan, haha. Hope she did well!


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