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Post-Christmas blues

Well hello, lovelies! 

Happy post-Christmas to you all! Now, I don't how you feel the day after Christmas, but I usually get a little...blue. It's like all of the hoopla leading up to Christmas day, all of the shopping, the lines, the mall traffic, the folks who take the Christmas spirit and shove it up everyone else's you-know-whats with their bad attitudes, all of that ends as soon as you go to sleep on Christmas night. It's sort of like wedding planning in that way. Your 6 months, a year, or longer of planning and anticipating all winds up on your big day, and then...nothing. 

I am not going to dwell on the feelings that come the day after Christmas though, we are going to celebrate the start of a new week, almost a new year, and enjoy it! 

First of all, head on over to Life of Meg's and see if she is hosting her awesome blog hop, Mingle Monday. I have the lovely Meg to thank for many of the awesome friendships I have made through blogging, so make sure you get on over there and mingle with other amazing bloggers!

I've gotten off to a good start so far with a 5 mile run, now I just need to do the mountain of laundry that has piled up, clean up the house that looks like it was bombed by wrapping paper and presents, and then I will think of venturing out to return a few things. 

Hope you are making the most of your Monday, and aren't letting the post-Christmas blues get you down!

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