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Really long explanation of my absence

It's Tuesday? Already? I'm not quite ready to be back in full blogging mode, but I did want to give you an extensive update as to why I have been away for the last week! I had a friend come to town on Monday evening, and stay through to Saturday. All of that tourist-ing {totes just made that up}, entertaining, and socializing has taken it's toll on me. I was still working while he was here, and I took on an extra babysitting gig that, get this, happened to start at 5am. So for 3 days in a row I was up at 4am, and home by 8:30am, then went about my day, worked the afternoons, entertained at night, and fell exhausted into my bed, only to rinse and repeat the following day. Thus the complete lack of blogging on  my part. 

Can we hug and make up, and not have you clicking the unsubscribe button please? Thanks!

Josh is a Portland, OR native who is currently living in Spokane, WA. He had some time on his hands and was bored, so I suggested he take a road trip down to California and visit me. Um, turns out he is open to suggestion, because wouldn't you know it, he did it. Drove 15 hours just to visit the sprawling suburbia of San Jose and the Bay Area. I had to keep him occupied and make him think that my city and the surrounding area is the BEST place ever! 

Tuesday I was the best hostess {that's sarcasm} ever and drug him off his aerobed at 6:30am to go for a run with my meet up group at 7am. It was chilly, but apparently Josh thinks our California weather is toasty warm, compared to the 4 degrees F he was experiencing in Spokane prior to his visit. He wore shorts and a long sleeved shirt. I threw him side eyes in my capris, and 2 layers of shirts. 

After a stop and go 5 mile run, we cleaned up and headed to Santa Cruz to check out the Mystery Spot. It's this cool local "gravitational anomaly" that has all sorts of weird characteristics, like water and balls rolling uphill, or dramatic height changes just by changing places with a similarly tall counterpart. Need picture proof?
We walked up the walls inside a cabin at the center of the Mystery Spot's 300 foot diameter.
That plank we're standing on? Completely level. Doesn't look it though, right?
Picture 1, they are in height order, left to right short to tall. Picture 2, they swapped so it's tall to short, left to right, but hey! they look to be the same height in picture 2!

We worked up an appetite at the Mystery Spot, so we went to my favorite Santa Cruz Restaurant, Burger. Seriously, I adore this little place for the awesome atmosphere and the amazing and extensive menu! I have gotten a different burger each time I've been, and never been disappointed. This time around I had The Bubba, a turkey burger with house made teriyake sauce, grilled pineapple, and healthy fixings. Josh got a burger with Bluto Brutus, that had 3 patties and a fried egg. He was completely and thoroughly stuffed. We also got fries and the best milkshakes made from Marianne's Ice Cream, a local creamery in SC. I had mint chip and he had peanut butter. 

Wednesday I had to work at 5am, so I came home and took a nap before heading to downtown Los Gatos, a cute town bordering San Jose that I visit frequently. We had Pizza My Heart for lunch, walked around the strip, had coffee and tea at the Great Bear cafe, and got cupcakes at Icing on the Cake. De-licious!

Thursday I worked at 5am again, so I took a nap, then dragged Josh to DSW for some try on window shopping. I tried to get him to buy a pair of Cole Haan with Nike Air soles, but no dice. We then went to Santana Row, this swanky open air mall with really high end stores and awesome restaurants. We walked the row, checking out the fancy digs, and I even picked up a Christmas gift for my boss at Anthropologie. We then had lunch at Yard House, and were way stuffed when we left. When I got home from work, I picked up the boys and we went downtown for a San Jose Sharks vs. Colorado Avalanche hockey game. I couldn't believe our luck, the game was AWESOME, and they even won with a very tight 3rd period!

Friday I worked my final 5am shift, and then was excited for a day off nannying! After a nap, Josh and I visited my friend Melissa who works at Google. She treated us to lunch {it's free for employees and guests, and is quite the extensive spread!} and then took us to the Google store where I did a little shopping. We then toured the campuses, since there are many, and took pictures with the Android statues! They had brought in a snow maker to create a winter wonderland for the statues, but it was slushy and mostly melted in our 60 degree temps.

After having too much fun at Google headquarters, we continued up to San Francisco. We started at the Metreon, which is undergoing a lot of construction and didn't have all the fun stuff I was hoping to see available. Since we were close, we walked to Union Square and checked out the ice rink, the giant Christmas tree, and best of all, the kitties and puppies for adoption in the Macy's window displays courtesy of the SPCA.

From Union Square I drove us to Chrissy Field to try to catch the Golden Gate Bridge in sunset glory, and I was lucky! Thankfully, SF was absolutely gorgeous when we visited, all blue skies, and about 60 degrees. Usual for the fall but unheard of for December. I'm a sucker for a good sunset, and seeing the bridge back lit against a sherbet colored sky was breathtaking.
A little blurry, but what can you expect from a moving car?

Presidio buildings along Chrissy Field with the SF skyline in the background. That streak is on my windshield!
A better shot of the skyline
A great clear shot of Alcatraz island just beyond the Presidio buildings.
Hello, gorgeous sky!

Friday evening I made my yummy chicken Parmesan for dinner with peanut butter M&Ms cookies for dessert, then we went to Los Gatos to meet up with some friends. We didn't stay long, but Josh did get an idea of the bar scene in the area. Totally not my scene by the way. I thought we were crazy for leaving the house at 10pm on a Friday night. I was ready to call it a night and go to bed! Josh ended up leaving a little after midnight, because driving through California in the dark isn't very dangerous, but Oregon and Washington can be, so it's better to do those states while it's light out.

It was a great week of exploring my city and the surrounding areas, and seeing it all through the eyes of a newbie. I am proud to say he left with a list of 30 places he wants to apply in order to move to the area to experience this life for himself! He loved it!


  1. Wow you have been busy! Looks like a great time, super cool pictures.

  2. Okay seriously, I need to come visit you again ASAP. U make such fun adventures of everything!

  3. who knew the bay area could be so much fun? you should become an official tour guide. And boy, do I miss those Great Bear coffees.

  4. My husband might have had a nerd-gasm going to the Google buidling. I bought him some Android figurines for his cubicle for Christmas.

  5. Looks so fun! I totally want to go to that weird-gravity house!

  6. What an awesome hostess you are!! Makes me want to jump on a plane and come visit so you can be my tour guide!

    The Mystery Spot looks like fun!


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