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Road ID coupon

Hey friends! Just have a quick post with a cool coupon code for you!

For Christmas I asked for a Road ID bracelet to wear when I am running, biking, or swimming outside. I typically train by myself, and even when I am with other people they don't have all my contact info or medical history off the top of their heads. I needed something easy for emergency personnel or good Samaritans to use to notify my loved ones of any accident I could find myself in. Having recently crashed my bike while out on a ride by myself, I realized just how necessary this info is to have on me at all times. 

I placed an order last week, and Road ID gave me a cool coupon code to be used up to 20 times in the next month by all of you!  When you place your own order for your Road ID, use coupon code ThanksGuillermo9722373 at checkout for $1 off your order! I got the Road ID slim in black with 3 phone numbers and info that I have no known allergies on it. 
You can get a thicker band, a shoe ID, or a necklace instead of the wrist or ankle band, so there are options for everyone! Even your pet can have a Road ID! There's even an option to pay a little extra for a year subscription to the Road ID interactive band that allows you to store more emergency info online that can be accessed by EMS or hospital staff with the unique serial number on your Road ID bracelet. Pretty nifty.

Psst: This makes a GREAT Christmas gift for an active loved one, and it's not super expensive! Get on it!


  1. I won one back when I started to really get into running and they are the best idea! You never know what could happen when you are out for a run or a bike ride! :)

  2. Thanks for the code! I have been wanting to get one of these for awhile now.

  3. I got this for my hubby last Christmas and I feel so much better with him having it since he often runs by himself and he has asthma.

  4. Amazing! I need to get one of these for my running shoes!

  5. Very smart idea. I'd totally get one if I ran!


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