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Whirlwind weekend adventures

Whew, what a weekend! Hundreds of miles were driven, lots of bodybuilders were seen, and my girl brought home a trophy for her 5th place win! 

I am thrilled to be home, posted up on the couch with my sick Billy, my wonderful laptop back in it's rightful place on my lap. Tonight we're watching movies and cuddling up for lost time apart this weekend, my favorite! 

What I learned this weekend
~I still miss my Mr. B whenever I am away from him, even for a short time.
~While sitting on the couch eating pizza, after just having watched me dance and sing {badly} to DJ Kahlid "All I do is Win", Billy says to me: "Eff, I'm glad you're home. I missed you!" 
~I need to get back to the gym for some serious strength training.
~I miss running so badly, I am so glad I start again this week!
~I could never be a fitness competitor. They work so stinking hard for those bodies, and have to KEEP working that hard to maintain, no me gusta. I like easy, and that certainly isn't!
~I am now an official Bombshell stylist, or so says the two Team Bombshell girls I worked with this weekend. Both of which placed top 5 in both their classes!
~I love Muscle Egg chocolate egg whites! It's liquid egg whites you can drink, and doesn't taste like eggs, which is good for me, since I HATE eggs but know their value to my diet. I'm ordering a gallon this week.
~Friends with Benefits is a super awesome movie, a new favorite. Limitless was better than expected, but the cinematography made me dizzy.

HBBC update
Week 1: 3 pts
week 2: Nov.26-Dec.2
Sat. 11/26 7 servings fruits and veggies 1 pt
Mon. 11/28 7 servings fruits and veggies 1 pt
Tue. 11/29 7 servings fruits and veggies 1 pt
Thur. 12/1 20 min Jillian Michaels Ripped workout 1 pt
week 2 total 4 pts
Total pts 7


  1. Congratulations to your friends for doing so well in the competition! I miss my husband too even if I am gone for a short period of time :)

  2. Congrats to your friends! Glad you dance :) And I can't wait to get back to running too!


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