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Aerial Yoga

...or Cirque Du Soleil sh*t as Billy so daftly put it. 

For my birthday, my friend Caroline gifted me a pass to try out a cool aerial yoga class with her at the Yoga Studio in Campbell. 
I didn't watch this video before the class, but I should have! Ignore the cheesy music, and realize that a lot of the moves shown were more advanced than the class I went to, but we did a lot of variations of the same things.

Honestly, I had no idea what the class was about, and didn't know what to expect. I figured we would do yoga, then lay in a hammock sort of thing at the end. To prep I went for a 4 mile run in drizzly weather beforehand, and managed to slip on a wet wooden bridge and fall in front of a couple on a tandem bike. No biggie, I laughed, brushed myself off and reassured the worried couple that I was in fact just fine, and limped away. Only a little "bridge burn" was sustained, along with my pride being bruised from having someone witness my fall, but I finished just fine. 

I met up with Caroline and signed in, then we snapped this lovely photo, barefaced for all to see, before heading in to investigate the silks hanging from the ceiling. I really should wear makeup all the time, even when I workout. Bare faced is not a good look!
We each chose a silk and laid our yoga mats underneath, then sat and waited for the class to begin. Our instructor had tinsel in her hair, as did several of the middle aged house wives who were in the class with us. I don't like hair tinsel {or feathers, ick!}. Everyone with tinsel in their hair was better than me. I guess tinsel gives you magical aerial yoga powers or something, but I still refuse to offer that as a service to my clients.

Did you know that aerial yoga is hard? Like so hard I was sweating, and had a difficult time performing a lot of the moves. I didn't know it would be that hard, obviously. It also hurt a bunch when you have to put all of your weight on the silk in one spot on your body, like when we did these hip hangs, or basically we folded at the waist over the silk and dangled, feet and hands off the floor. Ouch. We got in to high planks with our feet in the silk, and did agonizingly slow pike inversions. We also did one legged stands with the other foot in the sling, and rotated it out to the side and back while maintaining balance. I don't have a very good grasp on balance in every day life, so complicating it by adding some silk was tough! We did 3-legged down dog poses, and wrapped the silks around our thighs to sit in the air, our body weight 100% supported, and stood in the silk and balanced without hands. It was intense. I definitely felt it the next day. The best part was the very end where we spent a few minutes laying completely enclosed and stretched out in the silk, like a cocoon. It was so relaxing I vowed to get a silk for my own house, just to take naps in. 

After class we snapped a few photos of ourselves playing in the silks. Caroline was an instant success after one class, but it could have been because she is a yogi and this was very similar. I had a harder time with it!

I will definitely give aerial yoga another shot because even though it was difficult and hurt, it was also tons of fun! If you have a yoga studio in your area that offers aerial classes, you should definitely check it out!!

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  1. OMG. How cool!! I want to try this SO bad!! It looks amazing - and difficult - but so cool! I love to be all wrapped up and cozy during savasana ... maybe I'll start toting a silk to practice, hehe.


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