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Birthday Recap

My 27th birthday was a week ago, you can read the sweet post Billy wrote for me here.

I have a weird relationship with my birthday. I typically become very excited by the idea sometime in August, well out from my actual birthday. I start thinking of fun ideas to celebrate, and I talk about it a lot. By the time October comes around, however, I begin to rethink my birthday excitement. I stop talking birthday all together, make evasive comments when people ask what my plans are, and generally get a little crabby about the whole thing.

It's sort of like I am excited by my birthday because that's how I have been programmed to respond from childhood, but I have no idea why I am excited about getting older, and closer to death. No, I am not that morbid, but it certainly explains my hesitance to be excited the closer I get to the actual day. 

True story, I cried on my 18th birthday. I didn't want to grow up. The idea of being an official adult scared me and made me sad. I've got a bit of Peter Pan syndrome or something. I had sulked for a week or more leading up to it, and then had an awful day. My younger, then 13 year old sister and I got in to our first- and only- physical altercation. We were arguing about something, and I tried to drag her away from my room, she grabbed my boob, so I slapped her in the face. We both sort of stopped, stunned, and stared at each other, before she burst in to tears, and I fled the scene and did the same. I cried several times that day, not just because I had slapped my sister. It's actually funny to imagine now, and at Christmas this year we told the story again and both laughed, but at the time, it was just another reason to not be happy on my birthday. 

Maybe my birthday unhappiness stems from the fact that it's smack in the middle between Christmas and New Years, 3 days after, and 3 days before respectively. It's very hard to celebrate my birthday and not have Christmas or New Year's be anywhere in the picture. Growing up I received lots of Christmas/birthday presents from family, and my friends were always busy or out of town, so I never had a party on my actual day. 

Thankfully, I have an amazing husband who wants to make sure my day is special every year. He arranged a surprise party for my 25th birthday, and it was the first year I actually enjoyed my day. 

This year, I met up with Nicole for a run at my favorite trail. It starts at this cute little lake, and winds along the creek to an old wooden bridge where we turn around. I have run this trail in all sorts of weather, seasons, times of the day, and in different mileage, and it's always gorgeous and wonderful. We did a little over 3 miles at an easy pace, then headed back to my place to bake my birthday brownies. We were still in our running gear when we made them, so I think some of the calories were cancelled out on principle.
There was once a time in my life that I didn't like cake. Scratch that, I've always liked cake, I just liked other goodies more. So I've gotten into the habit of having a non-tradition birthday cake. My favorite is the giant chocolate chip cookie cake, but this year, I had seen a recipe for peanut butter brownies that looked AH-MAZING and had to make them. The recipe is from Bake or Break and can be found here

Oh, my good Lord, these are good. Like sinfully good. Like so good you would stab a person to get more. Ridiculous I tell you. I have vowed never to make them again because they are so incredibly good I was liable to do deprived things to eat them. Had I thrown them away, I would have eaten them out of the trash. That didn't actually happen, but it could have. If you like chocolate and peanut butter, this recipe is for you. Just don't say I didn't warn you of how wonderful it is and what it could lead you to do to get more. It's like the baking equivalent of crack. Now do you have Whitney Houston in your head saying "crack is whack!!"? I do ;)
 I shouldn't have uploaded these pictures. I am having major sugar cravings right now because of them. 

After baking brownies with Nicole, she headed home, and I headed to the mall in hopes of finding something to catch my eye. Nope, didn't happen. I had full permission from Billy to get anything I wanted, and I couldn't find a single thing that was worth buying right then. I came home with  low blood sugar, {I'd had a brownie before going and obviously had a sugar crash while out} and a disappointed closet. 

That evening Billy and I met up with Matt and Nicole at La Pastaria in Los Gatos for house made pastas and good company. It was such a nice and relaxing dinner, followed by more pb brownies, with fun conversation with some of my favorite people. 

I think it was a really good birthday, and I am looking forward to what 27 has to offer!


  1. A surprise party was so sweet! And the brownies look ah.maz.ing! I may just have to make them one day!

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  3. Happy belated birthday!! Sorry I missed the real day (took a blogging break and am now finally catching up!). I also cried on my 19th birthday for similar reasons- my final year as a teenager and having to grow up.

    I can only imagine how hard it is to have a birthday right smack in the middle of the holidays. I have a few friends with birthdays close to Christmas/New Years and they really hate it. My one friend used to have a "half- birthday party" in June so that her friends could actually come to her birthday party.

    Hope 27 is your best year yet!!


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