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Dashboard Confessional at Slim's

Dashboard Confessional, solo acoustic concert!
Ah, Chris Carrabba, what a great show you put on! I let you know of my school girl obsession crush on Dashboard Confessional in this post, and the show was every bit as wonderful as I thought it would be. 
Billy and I headed up to Slim's in San Francisco 2 hours before the doors opened, which without traffic would give us an extra hour to kill. Well, the traffic was terrible, so those 2 hours were entirely needed, and then some! After battling the Silicon Valley Commute traffic, we were happy to arrive and take our reserved seats for dinner. Only, dinner wasn't so awesome. It seemed like a pretty cheap prix fix menu of food that came straight from Costco, but whatever, the seats were what us old folks paid for.
Barcelona was the opening band. They are from Seattle, WA, so I was thinking of Tri-girl and Erika, and Skipping in Seattle, wondering if they had heard of the band. They were pretty chill, maybe a little too much, as the crowd was sleepy. 
Once Dashboard took the stage, the crowd woke right back up. It was just Chris, two guitars, and a microphone. Oh, and A-MAZING. So much intensity, emotion, and all around he put on such a great show. He joked with the audience, played deeper cuts of awesome songs, adding in snippets of Say Anything lyrics {"she called me on the phone and she touched herself"} to his song "Rooftops and Invitations", and was just an all around great performer. 
Simply a very cool, very intimate performance from one of my all time favorite artists. 
{one of my favorite's from the night, and yes, our audience was just as willing to sing-a-long with Chris, which is totally standard at ANY Dashboard Confessional show. "Grow up fast!"}

Where we were sitting, in the balcony at the very back of the venue, there were about 10 tables with room for about 30 people. One of those people was a guy, who had brought his pre-teen son, who happened to be very loud and obnoxious. He did everything he could to pick up a girl at the table next to us, even after she told him she was married, and he confessed he had a girl somewhere he writes lyrics in notebooks for. It was pathetic, but super amusing, so I tweeted about his silliness, and generally made fun of him to Billy. Well, karma came back to get me when toward the end of the night, this guy, who by then was quite drunk and not just singing along, but screaming the lyrics, spilled his rum and coke on me. Billy gave him The Rock inhale and stare, {see below for example} to which he profusely apologized and offered to buy me a drink, I refused and asked him to just let me enjoy the rest of the show in peach, which made him leave me alone.
Other than smelling like booze and sitting in lots of traffic, the show was absolutely awesome! If you are a DC fan, and he is making a stop near you, I highly recommend seeing the show!


  1. OMG I can't tell you how many times I sat in my room in high school and felt sorry for myself listening to his music!!

    Sorry you had to deal with that bs at the concert. At my very first concert (No Doubt, 8th grade) I got beer spilled all over me by some jackass.

  2. Sounds like a fun night minus the spilling of the drink on you! I love ppl watching though, makes for the best stories! :)


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