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A day of indulgence, cutting hours, and a new half

Hey party people! Hope your weeks are off to a good start. I had a blast with Mr. B yesterday, sleeping in, watching movies, eating horrendous food {leftover pizza for breakfast, ice cream for lunch, and a delicious lasagna recipe for lunch that I am dying to share} and generally enjoying each other's company. Not bad for a Monday! PS- I did get a workout in to help balance the crazy eating by hopping on my new bike trainer and pedaling through two episodes of Happy Endings, a great new show I am loving! I think I am mostly Jane, with a bit of Penny thrown in!

My hours have been cut back dramatically with the family I nanny for starting last week, so I have way more free time than I am used it. I am only a little disheartened by this change, as we have been discussing it since July, but I am most irked that I was not included in any of the recent discussions about when the cuts would begin in earnest, and what I could expect my hours to look like. I find my bank account will be hurting quite a bit more than imagined now that I see what's actually happening. I am a control freak, and it bothers me that I still don't know if these two day a week schedules will be the new normal, or if it's another temporary change. But alas, I will look on the bright side, and count the blessings I do have! Without the cut back, I would not have the opportunity to make a trip up to Napa this week to visit my wonderful friend Michelle who is healing up after a surgery and the complications that came from it. 

I was hoping to make a few freezer meals to bring to her, any suggestions for recipes from my awesome bloggy friends? What are good care packages to give friends who have recently had surgery? I would love your input!

in fitness news, I spent Saturday evening in a sleepy, melatonin trance looking up races for the next few months to give me training motivation. I decided that along with the March duathlon I had planned, I will be running a 5k in February, and tackle the Santa Cruz half marathon on April 1! I have the Seattle RnR half already planned for June, but I wanted to try my hand at 13.1 prior to doing that one, and SC is a pretty sweet race. The entrance fee was a scant $55, unheard of for a half, and the course winds through strawberry fields and on trails along the ocean, with a finish on the beach. I am seriously looking forward to the beauty I will take in will doggedly pushing myself to a new mileage. I hope 12 weeks is long enough for training, as my current longest run has been around 5 miles lately, and that just won't do! 

Any advice from my marathon running friends? What sort of a running plan should I try to use, that will also incorporate enough bike time for me to train for the the duathlon a month before the half?

I hope you are all enjoying your Tuesdays, and the week is shaping up nicely! 


  1. Lasagas are always good for meals to give, so bags with stuff ready to throw into the crock pot. :)
    Hope your nany stuff gets sorted out. :)

  2. i have never run a marathon so I'm of no help but I always have asmile when I visit your blog :)

  3. That's exciting that you are running a half! I can't remember..is this your first one? I used the Hal Higdon training plan and loved it! The plan calls for 2-3 days of cross training so you would definitely be able to add the biking time in there too. Let me know if you have any questions!

  4. Congrats on the 1/2 marathon sign up... maybe someday for me. :) Marny and her husband are signed up for the same 1/2 too- she just started training last week. :0

  5. The Santa Cruz race sounds amazing! I'm signed up for a couple races, so far (already ran one), and I think I might be tackling at least 3 half marathons this year. Crazy, I know.

  6. High five on your upcoming 1/2! I recommend spending 2 runs per week where you BIKE first and then immediately RUN after. This brick workout will help integrate both disciplines you need for your DU and train your legs to go from cycle to run. I love this workout, myself! High five!


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