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HBBC week 6 update

Almost there! "I can feel it in my nuggets". {Name that silly kids movie} Speaking of nuggets, they sound pretty awesome right about now, yeah? 

week 1: 3pts
Week 2: 4pts
Week 3: 27pts
Week 4: 9pts
Week 5: 17pts

Week 6: Dec.24-30
Sun: f&v 1pt
Mon: 5 mile run, 5pts
Tue: f&v 1pt
Wed: 3 mile birthday run, 3pts
Thurs: f&v 1pt
Fri: 4 mile run, 80 mins aerial yoga, 8pts
total: 19pts

Week 7: Dec.31-Jan.6 in progress
Sun: 5 mile resolution run, double points!! 10pts
Mon: f&v 1pt

Current total points: 93 
So close to 100!

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