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Picture frame jewelry display

I have mentioned before that I am NOT a crafty person. I have crafting ADD and often start a craft, get bored or realize it is above my technical abilities, then I abandon the craft. You should see my storage closet, it's a crafting graveyard. 

Knowing this about myself, I have made a promise to only undertake projects that I know I will complete. Over Christmas break I bought 3 skeins of yarn and crocheted one scarf. I finished it in a day, after not having crocheted in 15 years. It was a terrible end product, but I finished it. The creative bug bit me again last week, so I decided to approach a project I've seen on Pinterest and around the blogosphere. 

I bought an ugly framed print from Goodwill for $13 {what happened to the GW being cheap?}, a can of light turquoise spray paint, some organza ribbon, and set up my supplies on my patio. 
I took the the back, print and glass out of the frame, then prepared to spray it down. I didn't sand, prime, or do anything to prepare the frame because I'm lazy like that. 
I haphazardly sprayed my frame, giving it a minute to set before attacking with a second coat.
 I also spray painted a wooden letter H just for fun.
 Finished product
I then used my awesome handy-dandy staple gun to fix my ribbon across the frame.
 My previous jewelry display was cork squares and pushpins. Effective, but jumbled and not pretty.
 So I re-purposed the squares to create a back for my frame that I can poke pins into.
 Some up close of my fave pieces :)
 This 'lovely' necklace is from Forever 21, and I adore it! My favorite color and one of my favorite words!
 This flower cocktail necklace is from my grandma, she wore it in the 60's!
I am quite impressed with myself for having gotten through a whole craft project! I'm thankful it was relatively easy project. Definitely something for everyone to try out if they have an old frame and some spray paint to play with. 


  1. I think it looks awesome! I especially love the colour of it :)

  2. Love it! Nice work, the color is awesome!

  3. Look how creative you are! I love that...and that color is gorgeous!! Makes me so ready for Spring!

  4. That's awesome!! Love the color. :)


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