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Resolution Run 2012

Hello 2012!! I am welcoming you with open arms. I will put forth loads of positivity in hopes that it comes back to me during the year. 

I hope that all of you had a wonderful NYE and are enjoying the start of 2012!

I started 2012 off with a bang--from a starting gun! I ran the 5 mile Los Gatos Resolution Run on Sunday at the bright and early crack of 9am. Not so early most of the time, but after a 1am bed time, I was cursing the alarm clock. Thankfully I came around quickly and ended up really enjoying my too-early-for-New-Year's-Day wake up call. 

Billy and I met up with Matt and Nicole at Los Gatos high school and hung around eating shot blocks and chatting before heading to the starting line. Nicole and I filled out our resolution run bibs for Amanda at Run to the Finish's virtual run. I think I even eeked out another point from that by encouraging a friend to run too. It wasn't hard to convince Nicole, I posted it to her Facebook profile, she said she was in, and then I registered us both. Kinda hard to say no to a free race with your running buddy was my mentality!
Matt and Nicole are freaking adorable. I love that they are together, and I can't wait to see what 2012 brings them as a new couple! One of Nicole's resolutions was "This Guy!" with an arrow to Matt. So sweet!
The race started with a lap around the track, then headed out on the creek trail toward St. Joseph's hill and Lexington Reservoir. If any of you are my fb friends or follow me on Run Keeper, you know St. Joe's is a frequent path for my runs, and it kills me every time with the 3 consecutive hill climbs. Thankfully, this race had us climb only 2 hills then turn around before the 3rd, which we call heart attack hill for a reason. 
We got hot while running, so we took off our long sleeves, Billy didn't get any finishing photos, except one blurry pic, which I won't post. We got a few pics together, then headed off to a wonderful breakfast at the Los Gatos Cafe. We ended up finishing the 5 miles in 47:49, not bad at all for a casual run keeping an easy pace while chatting the whole time.
I think I have started a new tradition. This New Year's  run was great. There was a small turnout, which was perfect for the little trail we ran on, and it was well staffed. We couldn't hear a thing the announcer was saying, but as we ran it completely for fun, it didn't bother us at all. Also, the entrance fee was only $15 {$30 with a shirt} and I am all about cheap races. The course was familiar, beautiful, and challenging, the weather was crisp and beautiful. Everything about this race was awesome and I will definitely do it again next year.


  1. good gracious you look like Hilary Duff's twin in that first picture

  2. So glad you had a great new year's run!


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