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Running for the sunrise

Thursday morning, I met up with my running group for our 7am run as per usual. What was unusual was the AMAZING sunrise we got to experience as we started running. I am a sucker for a good sunset, but not being a morning person, I rarely see a sunrise, and when I do I am normally pissed that I was up before the sun. This particular day I was grateful to have caught something so pretty. It might have made the early run worth it, maybe. We happened to have a full group for the planned trail run, and I wasn't the only girl! It was a little over 6 miles, and had several intense climbs, and a very rocky descent through switchbacks on the return, but we trudged through and enjoyed the scenery. One of the group organizers brought his camera, so I stole his photos from facebook to share with all of you :) 
Hello gorgeous sky! We talked about the old sailors storm adage "red sky at morning, sailors take warning; red sky at night sailors delight". This sunrise definitely ushered in a storm! By early afternoon the rain was here
Me, Feride {pronounced Fair-a-day}, Eric and Chris G. 
I look like a ninja in my all black outfit. Pearl Izumi hat, Under Armour top, running tights and gloves, Asics Landreth shoes!
Me, Feride, Chris V. and Eric. 
See what I mean about that gorgeous sky?

For those of you who think San Jose, or even the San Francisco Bay Area in general, is an urban area, you will see that is just not true. We have tons of agriculture all around us, and lots of open spaces that make perfect running, hiking and cycling destinations. I am completely in love with the area I live in because it offers so much. Check out the views from the trail run!
Those dots on the hill are cows! It smelled really bad on this stretch of the trail haha
The southwest corner of Silicon Valley. Only 10 minutes from my house, folks.
We totally made friends with these Border Collies and had their people take our group photo. There was a 3rd dog behind me, he was shy.
Eric, Patrick, Feride, Me, Chris V, and in front is Chris G. Chris V and I had the same pose! He rocked the hands on the hips, knee popped look. He's also from the Netherlands, and is all sorts of Euro-cool. 

I usually run with the two Chris' and Eric on my Tuesdays and Thursdays, and I am so grateful to have big guys who keep me safe from mountain lions, creepers, and even myself sometimes, as I seem to like to injure myself when I'm working out alone! We have a running joke{haha, see what I did there??} about mountain lions picking us off, after we heard that one had been found in a backyard about a block from where we meet up, and truth be told I am bit nervous to run alone now! Thankfully they don't leave me in their dust too often. 

Do you run outside with a group, or by yourself? I do both, but after hearing how SUAR's cousin went out running and never came home recently, I am happy to stick with my groups.

Hope you all had good weeks and are looking forward to great weekends!


  1. It looks so beautiful. Howany times do I have to say I'm coming to visit before I do!!!

  2. Gorgeous scenery and you look fabulous as well! I agree with Alison, I am coming for a visit too!

  3. "Running joke", good one :) I think if I ever take up trail running it will have to be with a group because I also worry about wildlife, not to mention evil-doers. I'm glad you have a good bunch with you!

  4. That is a gorgeous sunrise! Like you, I am not a morning person so I don't see too many sunrises.

    Glad you found some good people to run with!

  5. Oh and I will be joining Alison and Leigh to visit you!

  6. Hahah you sounded just like me in the intro - I get pissed if I wake up before every has eaten lunch. It's bad!

    Im a pretty new runner but I run solo. I think I enjoy alone, at least for now, because I AM new and my pace isn't what you would call speedy. I'm still figuring out where I'm at and trying to improve so to go with someone else would just get me worked up aha. Luckily I live in a really close knit and SMALl community on an island of about 2500 so the chances of me going out and never coming home are slim to none.

    Great blog. Gorgeous pics!


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