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Almaden Lake and Mount Umunhum

One of my favorite places to run, and also conveniently located very close to my house, is Almaden Lake park. The trails that run near my place lead right to one end of the lake, and then another set pick up on the other side and go for miles. No matter the weather, time of of year or day, I can always count on a beautiful view, pretty scenery, lots of people and animals, and an open bathroom when needed ;)
Summer 2010 at the lake
December 2010 sunset at the lake
January 2012 midday at the lake. That little patch of beach on the far right is where I entered and exited the water for my triathlon last year. 

Can you tell I have a favorite view of the lake? If you notice in the background on the highest rounded peak there is a tiny little box like thing. That is actually Mount Umunhum, {sounds like "um-eh-num"} and the 5-story concrete radar tower at the old and now defunct Almaden Air force station which closed in 1980. I linked the Wiki article, and this page tell you everything you would want to know about this little gem of San Jose history that can be seen all over the Silicon Valley.
{Aside} When I was in high school, we used to share rumors that there was an albino colony in the Los Gatos mountains below Mount Umunhum, and all of the creepy stories that came out of that area about witches, skinned cats, and dead bodies being found off of Hicks road that leads to the top. I have no idea if any of these rumors and stories were true or even if they had a base in fact, but they gave me the creeps and there is only a handful of times I went up to the top. Driving Hicks road at night makes my skin crawl, and people SWEAR they see things that probably aren't there. There was even an indie movie made about Hicks road! It's pretty eerie to tell you the truth, and I never made it all the way to the radar tower, just to the fenced off area restricting the base from visitors. The only rumors that are in fact true are the stories of the marijuana farm raids in 2005, 2006, and 2007. The 2006 raid left one grower dead, and during the 2007 raid they burned the crops so the whole valley stank of pot for awhile!!
I digress...back to beautiful little Almaden Lake!
Seriously, who takes amazing photos like this?? Obviously not me! Via
I am incredibly blessed to live in such a beautiful place that maintains a mostly mild climate year round. Take Sunday's 70F temps! Can't beat the mid 60's we have been having for weeks now. 
Eat your heart out, everywhere else!


  1. I have a video of a bunch of us from LGCC going up there to find albinos one night, it was really fun!

  2. Seriously gorgeous!!! I would love to have that in my backyard!


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