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Hiking with Marlo...and a vlog!

This week I rediscovered the wonderful hiking trails in the Almaden Quicksilver park very near my house. I guess they could be running trails also. If you're a masochist that enjoys lots of hills. I don't like running hills, but I do like hiking them! 

While researching Mount Umunhum for this post last week, I found out that San Francisco Bay Area, where I live, has over 1.1 million acres of public open space preserves. That means we got a whole lot of hiking and nature-y stuff around all the suburbia and urban space we live in. I sort of feel like I've been cheating myself by sticking to my usual creek trails when I run, as there are so many other options available near me. 

I did a quick 2 mile trail with Nicole on Wednesday, and decided to take Marlo on the same trail on Friday. This was Marlo's first ever hike, and though she really isn't built for it, she made it, albeit slowly!
 Marlo was panting and tongue lolling the entire time. I mean, in the car on the ride to the trail even! She was just so excited to have her harness on and go for a ride in the car that she worked herself up. She wouldn't listen when I told her to conserve her energy for the actual hike haha
 The Quicksilver mines trails are gorgeous. They are through chaparral forests with lots of California Live Oaks, Sage brush, and Bay trees. Oh, and lots of poison oak, which is super prevalent right now.
 Our dog ordinances say all dogs must be kept on-leash except in specific areas...Marlo was technically on leash here, just walking herself!
 These are some of the views from the top of this particular hike. Top photo shows some of the downtown and east San Jose area. The bottom photo shows my area of south San Jose.
 There was a small herd of deer on the trail at one point. Marlo got very interested and wanted to check things out. They got scared and bounded away before we got too close. The plaque tells about some of the Quicksilver mining operations that were prevalent from 1863-1926 in my area. There were tons of Cinnabar/Quicksilver mines in operation during that time, and some of the chimneys, furnaces, mine shafts, barns and even a cemetery are still around today!
 This information sign lets visitors know about the remaining furnace towers on the trail we were on. 
 These are 3 furnace chimney ash collector things from the El Senador mines.
 The old barn was not a part of the mining operation, but it's still cool to see as the park entrance. Marlo was too tired to sit on the passenger seat, so she laid down on the floor instead!

And for anyone who stuck around through this post, my first VLOG!!!! Nothing special, just a quick panorama of my home town from the top of our hike, and a little glimpse of my goofiness :)


  1. Fun! You can hear Marlo panting the whole time :)

  2. Love this! Marlo is awesome- great pics!! I blogged yesterday about being in Atlanta to celebrate my friends dog's battle over cancer! Oh, how pooches make the world a better place! Happy trails to you am Marlo!

  3. Gorgeous scenery! Makes me want to come back to San Fran really soon. Marlo is too cute!


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