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Mid week check in

Well hello again! I think I have developed an aversion to blogging in the last few weeks. I feel like it is because I don't have much going on, so anything I write will be boring. Is it just me, or do you ever feel like that too?

This week is a little different from what has become my usual routine. I took a week long temporary afternoon nanny job, so I've been hanging out with some cute kiddos after school. I feel bad for their family, as their previous nanny up and quit on them, without any notice at all, and they are left scrambling now. I am glad I could help fill in this week and make life a little easier for them. I have a feeling I may be needed again soon if they don't find someone to fill in. Fine by me, as it's money in my pocket doing something fun with my afternoons. 

I've been slacking on my workouts this week. Last week was stellar for me, seeing as I ran over 20 miles, got in a 10 mile bike ride, went to the gym for a killer workout, and hiked, all in 5 days time. This week I ran 9 miles on Monday, and couldn't drag myself out of bed Tuesday or today to do anything productive. It may have something to do with the weather changing from wonderful mid 70's to 50's and rain this week. Boo. I did make waffles today though {not helping my lack of workouts for sure!} Tonight I have a date with the gym...I think.

Oh! Something that is exciting in my life right now, is that I have tickets to the midnight showing of the Hunger Games movie on opening night!! I will be seeing it in IMAX with a bunch of other THG fans, and I can't wait. I feel like doing my hair and makeup to look like Effie Trinket, and I've thought about getting a full on costume together as well, but I may just make a t-shirt instead to be a little more discreet. 

Are you a fan of the Hunger Games? 
Do you go to midnight showings of movies you are excited about? 
Do you ever slack off with your workouts after being on fire for awhile? 

May the odds be EVER in your favor.


  1. nice job on the workouts last week. It's soo tough when weather turns yucky, so I don't blame you for feeling less than motivated this week. I really need to give the hunger games another shot. I've seen a few of the twilight movies at midnight. Such a nerd.

  2. You'll get back on track with the workouts; I wouldn't stress too much about it :) Sounds like you kind of need some recovery time after last week! I will see the Hunger Games, but not at midnight and likely not in the theatre. I really hate movie theatres these days...I find them super-uncomfortable and way too loud (get off my lawn, ya damn kids!)

  3. I love THG!! I won't be seeing it anytime soon unless there is a stars and strollers showing of it! Might have to look into that!


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