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My last day

Today is my last day as a nanny for the family I have been with for over 4 years. It has been incredibly bitter-sweet for me the last two weeks, since I put in my notice. It's hard to leave people you consider family, have watched grow up, and have been through so much with. I know I have made the right decision for myself at this particular time, but it doesn't stop me from second guessing my choices and wondering "what if?". Over the last 4 years I have often had to think about the family's needs over my own, as they were my employers, and I sometimes wondered if my small sacrifices made a difference. 

I am very much a Type A person, a control freak, and I love knowing what the future holds and make plans far in advance. When you work for a family of two parents with very different lifestyles and work schedules, and two kids with different activities and abilities,  you will learn a great deal about flexibility, patience, and how to go with the flow. Schedules are rarely the same from week to week, and there will be many unexpected changes that come out of nowhere. The most important things I will take away from this work experience are learning how to be flexible when needed and to accept changes on the fly, even when that goes against the very grain of who I  am. 

I hold this family very close to my heart. I've made incredible relationships with each of them, and will miss these kiddos terribly. I've been awfully sentimental this week, lamenting that Bryn has grown so tall and is looking much too old now, and how both kids have matured so much since I met them when they were little 3rd and 4th graders. Looking at the 7th and 8th graders in front of me now is such a trip. I've definitely been sympathetic to the kid to pre-teen to teen changes and challenges, working on my patience when they unintentionally lashed out, because they were dealing with crazy new hormones surging through their bodies. I've listened to as much as they were willing to tell me about what is going on in their lives, hoping to be a willing ear, and offered as much encouragement and advice as they would listen to. 

To continue my sentimentality this week, I wanted to post photos and let you know what I will miss most about these two supper awesome young people who have made my life so fun the last 4 years.

My Bryn-ita chicita bonita
The coolest Kobe
Kobe's 5th grade graduation
Our fun trips to amusement parks with friends
The funny things they let me do with their hair
The super coolness of them both
Bryn and Kobe, never change! You are both wonderful people, with amazing hearts and so much potential to do great things in this life. I wish you both the best, from the very core of my being, and I cannot wait to see what you both accomplish! I will never be far, you can always look to me if you need to talk, want to hang out, or need ANYTHING!


  1. Ah I lived this post. They were so lucky to have you as a nanny!!! Glad you made the right decision for you though! Hugs lady!!

  2. Such a great post Adrian! I hope the family or kids keep in contact with you so you can see how they continue to grow :)

  3. love this post especially since as you know, I'm a nanny, so I can relate 100% I often struggle with trying to figure out 'what do I do next?' because as you said it's always changing, you have to put their needs before your own, and can be quite stressful. I really need this post tonight to remind me that sometimes you have to do what's right for you. Thank you! And that fam was lucky to have you for so long. Here's to whatever comes next, my dear

  4. I'm sure they consider you as important a part of their lives as you do them. Here's to new experiences :)

  5. What a wonderful tribute to the past 4 years! I can tell how bittersweet and hard this is, but I'm proud of you for making this tough decision! Best of luck in this new chapter of your life!


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