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top bun of the mornin' to ya

Well hello, bloggy peeps! I've been a little indisposed from blogging lately, but only because I've been keeping busy. I figured if I stayed away for too long, you would send out a search party or something, so I am back!

How have you all been? Did you have a good Valentine's Day? Mr. B and I don't celebrate because we believe love should be shown every day, not just on a special day, but I get why others do. Instead of overpaying for a prix pix meal or roses, we usually split a bag of Hershey's kisses and continue on our way. 

Yesterday had an entirely new Vday plan, as I headed up to San Francisco to work some hair magic for the fashion installation at the Trendy Lime Gods and Goddesses event at Harlot, a little lounge in the financial district. The fashion designer, Indu Arora, created a line of red dresses to be displayed in the club during the event. There was also a hat maker who created pieces for the models to wear, and they were really cool! One even had a full owl wing on it, while another had a fox skull. Sounds morbid but was really neat. I created a bunch of top buns for the show, since we needed to display the hats, and they were simple enough to bust out in 10 minutes time. I even got to work on dreads and a weave, pretty exciting stuff!

and here are some photos I quickly snapped before I bounced out of that club like a rabbit after a carrot. Because I don't like clubs. Or staying out past my bedtime on a school night.

 Photo on the left you can catch a hat with some "torched 45's" adorning it
 Little blonde chic had a super short bob haircut, but I managed to fake a top bun even on her. Skills yo. 

There were even some dude models rocking the togas. Tall girl in the front is rocking the wing hat!


  1. I know that your job is *lot* of work and hours on your feet, but I just love how cool and beautiful you make everyone look... and I wish i could do it!

  2. Gorgeous! Want to move here and do my hair everyday? I would pay you lots of money! Haha :)

  3. Love the buns!! So simple yet extremely elegant! I love that you made the girl with short hair look like she had a massive bun! You do have skills lady!!

  4. Oh, I have talent envy. I
    wish I could blow out my own hair. Skillz I am without. :(

    Thanks in advance for adding video tutorials to your site so I can be a student of your teachings! Happy weekend :)


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