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I've fallen and I can't get up!

Remember yesterday's post about not having the motivation to get out there and run? Well, maybe that was my body's way of protecting itself from me! 

Obviously I am a clumsy girl who gets hurt when I'm being active, as seen by me crashing my bike and breaking my finger back in October, and then slipping on a bridge and scraping my knee before heading to aerial yoga in January. 

Today was no exception! I was running with a buddy I hadn't seen in awhile so we were catching up, talking about his vacation and then both nerding out about books, The Hunger Games and Game of Thrones, to be exact. At the first mile we hit a small off road portion of our usual creek trail route, and I wasn't paying attention to the ground, when a rock straight jumped up and grabbed  me. No, I kid, I just happened to catch my toe on a giant boulder a big rock that protruded from the ground, which threw me off balance, so I ended up doing a slow motion fall, taking my weight on mostly my left elbow and knee. I even managed a "whoooooaaa ooaah!!" as I fell.  Pretty nifty, right? 

Chris handed me my headband which had fallen off, and then we dusted me off and went about checking the injuries. My hands were banged up, but no blood thanks to my Under Armour long sleeved shirt that has thumb loops. My knee wasn't so bad, just a little scrape. 
My elbow on the other hand, definitely took the brunt of my weight. I couldn't see much, but Chris had to take a second look to determine I was fine. I think that second look he was checking out how deep the gash was that I couldn't see, and I am forever thankful to him for keeping his cool and not freaking out. 
We resumed running right away, with Chris telling me of his own falling stories. Imagine trail running and doing what I did, but falling down a hill afterward. He's a super running buddy for making me feel better about my own tumble! I had forgotten to stop my watch when I went down, so my time was great even with my fall and recovery! 6 miles in 54:50. My elbow was pretty stiff while running, and cleaning up was a challenge, but I'm doing fine. I'm glad I can laugh these things off. Or at least blog about them!

In other news, I got my first big girl GPS watch yesterday!! It's the Garmin Forerunner 910X, and I am very excited to learn how to use it soon. I had Billy set up my computer and most of the watch info for me, so now I just have to familiarize myself with it's controls before I attempt to track my workouts. This thing is quite the clunker! I'm used to a tiny Nike watch, so it will be an adjustment for sure. Thanks Billy for the wonderful Christmas present, even if it got here on the last day of February!
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  1. Ouchers, that looks like it hurt! But glad you are okay with the exception of a few scrapes :)

  2. Ouchie!! Hope those wounds heal quickly! That Garmin watch is so awesome! I've been trying to find a cheapo pedometer version on Amazon! ;)

  3. Sad :( I hope you heal quick and can get back out there again! You can totally beat the crap out of the pavement that tried to beat you up (and kind of succeeded... ;) ). Have a great day!

  4. aww sucks, your be back on your feet in no time!

  5. Youch! Been there, though! (Not trail running; good lord, I would be dead) Glad you're ok, though I'm guessing you'll be a bit more sore tomorrow! Also, love the Garms...it looks smaller than a lot that I've seen.


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