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Thought I'd jump on the What I'm loving Wednesday train!

Have you guys seen this? Levis is offering jeans for all sorts of shapes now. It's called their Curve ID fit finder, and you can answer a few questions about your shape and find what fit is best for you. Depending on how I look at my waist to hip ratio, I could be a demi curve or a bold curve. I'd have to go try on a few pairs of jeans in that fit to tell you which works best. Have any of you tried one of the new fits? If so, what do you think? 

I did happen to pick me up a pair of Kardashian Kollection Kim jeans from Sears on a trip to the mall last week. I don't remember the last time I bought anything from Sears, but this trip provided me jeans, a top and workout shorts! The Kim jeans fit really well if you have athletic {read: larger} thighs and a smaller hip/waist area. The Kim jean is a straight leg, Kourtney is a skinny leg, and Khloe is a high waisted bootcut.  

Pinterest has been  a total game changer for my cooking lately. I've been stockpiling delicious looking recipes that I am so keen to try. I'm slowly working my way through my baking and recipes boards, much to Billy's delight.  I am especially grateful to all you bloggers who pin these tasty treats for me to repin, so thanks a bunch!
 Last night I made Hellman's Parmesan chicken, and it was so delicious! I served it with a side of broccoli sauteed in olive oil with garlic and red pepper flakes, yum! For all of you mayo-phobes, it's not bad, trust me. There is no slippery slimy mayo texture or taste, it absorbs the Parmesan cheese and the breadcrumbs make it  a crunchy topping instead. 
I followed the yummy chicken with a Coke Zero Cake. Boxed chocolate cake mix, 1 can diet carbonated cola, bake as directed and blamo, awesome cake. I've also used a lemon cake mix and diet 7-up and gotten just as wonderful and refreshing of results. I'm telling you, this is my new go-to when I'm making a boxed cake!! Saves calories without sacrificing flavor or moisture.
Last week I made the baked creamy chicken taquitos, a serious high note. These could be adjusted to fit whatever you have on hand, as I used leftover shredded crock pot balsamic chicken.
Then came the chicken and quinoa casserole, which I liked but Billy did not. He's not a fan of peas or broccoli, both of which are in this dish.
I made up for that miss {to B} with the cream cheese pull apart bread, which I blogged about here. Billy did in fact save me a piece, which I had for breakfast, and oh my word, it was fabulous! Everyone at game night really liked the dessert and Billy got multiple offers to take me off his hands, hah!
I've also made the no bake energy balls, which both Billy and I loved, maybe a little too much, as I couldn't stop eating them, and that's a problem! 
Around Valentine's day, I made the brownie Oreo cookie bars that are sinful and should never come into my house because of the calories and the tastiness. This would be great to make this week, as it was Oreo's 100th birthday on Tuesday! That reminds me, I need to buy a package of birthday cake Oreos, I hear they're fantastic.

I think all in all, Pinterest has been a good bet when I need a recipe for dinner or dessert. What have you been making off Pinterest lately?

What are you loving today?


  1. Look at all you've made! I need to get on it! Nice work and YUM! Those jeans looks awesome too!

  2. Love Pinterest for all of the different recipe ideas! I've made the no bake energy balls as well and they are so easy and so yummy!

  3. Kardashian jeans- sounds like they might be worth trying.

    I think I gained 10 pounds just reading your post! So many yummy things!!


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