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My delicious offering

Right now, this baby is baking in my oven, creating the most decadent smell imaginable. Need an idea of the sumptuous smell? Just imagine lots of butter and cinnamon and sugar. Heated up. And add some dough for good measure and yummy yeasty smells. Got it? Good. Oh, cream cheese pull apart bread, you little devil!
Thanks to Pinterest, this beauty was pinned in my baking board, and incited a near riot the other night when I stumbled across it. Thanks a lot, Rachel Dillard. I had the ingredients on my grocery list faster than you could say yummy. What's not to love? 
The truest form of shown love {from me, obviously it's different for everyone} is making a baked goody, that I don't eat. Oh, I would totally scarf this down in a heartbeat, so it's not like I'm baking something I don't like. It's actually me baking a delicious treat I won't get to indulge in myself. 
You see, I am babysitting tonight. However, Billy and I were also invited to a dinner and board games night at a friend's house, and the custom is to bring a treat to share with the group. Billy decided to go on his own, and I knew I had to send this with him. It was predestined from the time I pinned the recipe, I swear it. I have no illusions that there will be a single slice saved for me, and I humbly make this sacrifice to send something "nommy" with Billy in my absence. Maybe we will be invited again, soon, after they enjoy this yummy cream cheese pull apart bread. This is my hope. And I will be making the recipe another time, when I can enjoy it myself. Now go, bake yourself a pull apart bread too! All of the photos are courtesy of Pip & Ebby, and the recipe can be found at that link.

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  1. I do believe Billy, being the chivalrous man that he is, saved you a bite of this HEAVENLY creation!! Thank you so much Adrian! <33


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