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Billy and I had the distinct pleasure to see a traveling Cirque Du Soleil show last week. This show is called Totem, and is the story of the evolution of man. 
Confession: I had never seen a Cirque show before this. I have always wanted to while visiting Las Vegas, and the traveling show comes to San Jose at least once a year, so I have had the option, just never exercised it. And tickets are expensive! Thankfully I have connections. Always treat your babysitting clients with the utmost respect and love, you never know when they will call you up randomly and instead of asking you watch their kid, will tell you they scored you tickets. Helps if they are radio DJs and have their own connections!
I was the ultimate audience reactor. I ooohed and aahed, gasped in disbelief, and clapped in delight the entire show. If watching a Cirque show doesn't give you mad muscle envy, I don't know what will. All of the performers are in incredible shape, and are capable of amazing displays of strength and agility. 
My favorite acts were the trapeze performers and the roller skating duo. Ah-mazing.
Also, at many points through the show, the Crystal Man drops from the ceiling in a dazzling display of light and acrobatic beauty. He comes down first to give the spark of life to the turtle, and then closes the show by diving into a lagoon. His costume had me the most fascinated, as any glittery, shiny object often does :)
If Totem stops near you, go see it!! Such a beautiful show with such unique costuming, amazing acts, and brilliant music, it's bound to leave you awestruck also!


  1. thats pretty cool, i seen the show they have in orlando la nubia i think its called! sooo good!!!

  2. Amazing!!! I love Cirque shows, this one looks amazing.


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