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Wildflowers and a pretty girl

Wild mustard flower season is upon the Silicon Valley, and nearly every field, median, and patch of  undisturbed dirt is exploding with the gorgeous and delicate, though profuse, yellow flowers. I am a sucker for these hearty plants. I get extremely wistful anytime I drive past a field bursting with color from these flowers. I think wild mustard just heralds spring. 

A few weeks ago, I happened to drive by a lively field that was completely covered in wild mustard, and I knew I had to pull together a photo shoot ASAP to take advantage of the natural beauty there. I arranged with one of my besties, Tiffany, to come out and play photo shoot with me last week. I did her hair and makeup, advised her clothing choices, and shot the photos on my Olympus Pen EPL1 camera, and did a tiny bit of tweaking in Picasa and Picnik. Nothing professional about it, just me, a decent camera, a pretty girl, and a gorgeous field of wildflowers.  Take a look!
A ladybug joined our shoot early on, so we let it play for a second. 
Don't these fence rail photos look like something off of a country album cover? I mean, that back shot could be the next Carrie Underwood cover for "Fence rails and pony tails" or something! 
 We totally incorporated a random guy's dog into the shoot. Cody wasn't super cooperative, but we got a few quick shots before he begged to be reunited with his owner.
 This is definitely one of my favorites. Sometimes you direct a model into poses that really don't work, and others make you gasp. Love it. 


You just made my day!

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