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Hey!! How on earth did this week slip through my fingers without me posting? I was so on top of things last week, somehow this week just fell off my to-do list. Also, Instagram came into my life, which may have something to do with my lack of blogging as I have been busy living it up to snap photos.

I've been having some fun adventures while I've been away. 

I took two of my oldest friends to afternoon tea at Lisa's Tea Treasures, a beautiful little Victorian tea shop that specializes in taking very good care of girly girls like us. Sarah is 40 weeks pregnant, and ready to give birth to her sweet little girl any day now. Diane recently suffered an incredible hardship that I can't even express how broken hearted we were for her. It was the perfect girls day, a way to heal, and to enjoy each others company before a brand new baby and life make us too busy to get together often. 
We sat at the settee table in that picture.
We ordered afternoon tea that came with a pot of tea for each of us, and a selection of tea sandwiches, a petite savory, a scone with Devonshire cream and preserves, and a dessert. I had the King Louis XIV's favorite, which had a Parisian chicken croissant tea sandwich, a Roquefort pecan tea sandwich, and brie en croute. My tea was a pomegranate green tea called Tea of the God's and was delicious. For dessert I picked the chocolate mousse cake, and wow, it was good. We just had so much fun chatting, drinking tea, and getting our fancy on! 
Sarah, myself, and Diane, friends since middle school!

Today, Billy was off work, so I convinced him to take me in to Los Gatos, a little town in the suburbs of San Jose that has been my stomping grounds forever, for lunch and a little walk around downtown in the rain. We ate at Andale, which as two locations on N. Santa Cruz Ave, the main strip of downtown. I had never eaten there before, but was very pleased with my burrito. Billy thought it was just OK, but that's his deal, as fresh California style Mexican food isn't up his alley. 
After lunch, we headed down the street, where we stumbled on a newer shop called Amour Patisserie and Cafe. They had the most beautiful desserts and really cool chocolate truffles with this incredibly shiny and almost candy like coating. The shop itself is very modern, with rich brown walls, and a very clean display case, and great tables and decor. 
I ordered the coconut passion fruit cake, and Billy had the chocolate peanut butter cake. We were both super happy with our treats! 
 Billy even got a hot cocoa which came on a cool wavy plate with a spoon that had a a bend in the stem so it rested on the rim. Pinkies out for good cocoa drinking!
 I took some French macaroons home with me, because believe it or not, I've never had a macaroon!! The pistachio flavor was excellent, definitely my favorite of the trio.
We continued our walk around downtown, and spotted some beautiful sparklies in a shop window. I personally love the one on the bottom row in the very center the best. Billy wouldn't let me go in the shop. Bad things would have happened with my credit card, he's sure.
Being in the bridal mood after looking at beautiful rings, I was stopped in my tracks by a gorgeous Jinza ruffly wedding gown in the window of Haute Bride, a new bridal shop. Um, Billy, we need to get married again, because this little number seriously was made for me! I'd take the sash and jewelry as well, no complaints.
I went in just to get a better look, and ended up chatting with the clerk inside, Denise, and we bonded over our mutual wins for the Knot best of weddings plaques. She invited me to the store's grand opening in a few weeks, and I can't wait to go back! She gave me lots of information, like the owner makes all of the accessories, and they sell in 1,000 bridal salons across the country including Kleinfelds. I also found out they loan out wedding gowns for photoshoots, which has my wheels turning on how I can make something happen soon! I'm pretty sure this is the same dress off of the Jinza website. I'm in love.
Definitely check out Haute Bride's site, it's beautiful, just like their amazing gowns and accessories!

We then left Los Gatos to run some errands, and ended up seeing American Reunion! Definitely raunchy, but had it's moments. It was fun for Billy and I because we feel like we've grown up with the characters. I say Netflix it. If you want a really good theater movie, see 21 Jump Street, that was fantastic!

And now I am home, listening to the thunder storm that is raging outside, and getting my kit together for my first big wedding of the season tomorrow. I did have a tiny wedding two weeks ago, which was bridal hair only, so this is the real deal for the start of the season. Can't wait!

Have a great weekend! 


  1. that tea shop is soo cute! i wish i could find some place like that!

  2. What a fun time in Los Gatos - love it!! And myabe you hear this all the time, but you look just like Hillary Duff! She's grogeous too, so that's a huge compliment, pretty lady!! ;)

  3. What a gorgeous tea room! And the goodies thereafter weren't too bad either!

  4. Oh, Lisa's Tea Treasures... I miss that place! I always get the plate you ordered- I love the brie en croute!! So good! The Chicken Salad Croissants use to include apricots, which were also my favorite. I adapted a recipe to try and copy it. So glad you had some girl time with Sarah and Diane.

  5. Dude any time you want to go back to Lisa's or to Haute Bride, hit me up! Their original shop is up in San Francisco near my sister and I've got a few accessories from them that I love. Would really like to check out the new flagship down here though!


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