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Nike Women's marathon 2012

Have any of you dolls ever thought of doing the Nike Women's Marathon {or half marathon}? Registration for the lottery opened up on Monday, and closes on Friday April 20.  I hadn't even considered trying to get in until my running group posted a group ID on their Facebook page. Registering with a group makes your chances of getting in so much better, because if anyone in the group gets in, ALL of the group get to participate! So the more people who use the group ID code, the better the odds. 
So guess what? I registered. Yup, I'm in the lottery and hoping the odds are ever in my favor. I have a good feeling about this one. During the registration process, there is a portion that asks you to complete the sentence "I run to be..." Of course I wrote "happy"! I will find out at the end of April if I got in :) 
If you happen to register just for the heck of it also, and get in, you can bet I will be giving tours of the Bay area, and keeping you company while you are in town. And don't forget the 3 day expotique in Union Square leading up to the race, it's said to be amazing! 
Just think, 13.1, or 26.2 miles of beautiful San Francisco scenery flashing by, 25,000 runners pumping you up, awesome spectators cheering for you at every mile, the famous chocolate mile where Ghiradelli chocolate is given freely to all runners, and that iconic little blue Tiffany's box containing your finishers necklace handed to you on a silver platter by tuxedo clad firemen at the finish line. How sweet does that sound?! 
Via Mile Musings Hello, handsome devils with presents!
If you want to tempt fate {like me!} and register for the lottery, do so now at this link, and use group ID code SP9LAT to increase your chances of getting in. Registration closes on Friday April 20, so register soon.


  1. I ran it a few years ago. I had a fantastic time visiting the city- I was living in San Diego at the time and my parents flew from NY to spend the weekend for me. I didn't *love* the full course because I was very jealous of the half runners who were finished and I still had another 2+ hours to go. But I love my necklace and enjoy wearing it regularly!

  2. I would love to do that race one day! The necklace at the end would make those hills worth it!

  3. I would want to try for the full, which is why I need to wait until next year :)

  4. Hope you get in!! I so want to do that race in the future!! The bling at the end will be so worth all those hills!

  5. Hi! So were you picked??
    I have wanted to run this race for some time, but
    I accidentally put to many eggs in one basket and missed out on a getting the code to enter the race. If you know of a way to get in let me know please =) Thank you!!!
    I finally have my husband home so he can watch my 1 year old while I run it =)


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