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So....you know how the other day I said I had puppy fever and could not. stop. looking. at dogs online? Well, Billy and I made a trip to Tony La Russa's Animal Rescue Foundation yesterday to meet Jim, the dog I shared pictures of. Once we found out a little more about him, we realized Jim was a little more than we wanted from a dog. Can you imagine a 12lb dog that can scale 6 foot fences?? A little Houdini and leash reactive dog wasn't really in our perfect pet description, so we found out more about some of the other dogs that had caught out eye. One of our top three was O Susanna, a 9lb, {almost} 3 year old Papillon mix. We decided to meet her first. 

Let me tell you, there were no other dogs on our list after meeting this little sweetie. 
We had met a lot of little dogs in the few trips we had made to shelters, and none really showed any interest in us. When this cutie came out, she was super excited to see us, putting her paws up on our knees and taking our pets with tail a-wagging. She let me pick her up, and cuddled right into my lap, then climbed on Billy and snuggled into his beard. Love. Instant, heart melting, adoring love. Of course we took her home.
She snuggled in Billy's arms the entire hour long ride home, content to lay her head on his arms. Billy was in heaven. All he wanted was a dog that liked him, and he took home a cuddle bug who is more than happy to see him and love on him. 
We named her Sadie. It only took us 24 hours to decide on it!
When adopting a rescue dog, you really don't know much about their past or what kind of animal they will be. Thankfully, Sadie seems to be completely house trained, as she holds her business until I take her outside. She also likes her crate enough to sleep through the night, and spend time in there while I am away. She LOVES cuddling, playing with toys, going for walks, and following us around. When I let her out of the crate, she zooms around and then dive-bombs into my hands for love. 

The only thing we aren't sure about yet is how she will be with the cats. When we first introduced Sadie to the cats, she barked, and then got nervous and threw up on me haha! {Probably from way too many treats at the shelter} We have the baby gate up keeping them separated for now, and plan on continuing with a slow introduction to ensure good inter-species relationships :)

More photos and stories to come, I am sure! 


  1. Ah she is so sweet! I love that she is snuggler! :) So excited for you guys!

  2. Awww! It sounds like you got a great pet! I hope there is peace in the cat-dog world.

  3. Oh...oh oh oh....oh....

    I need a dog. This is bad.

  4. What a cutie!! Congratulations on the new addition to your family!!


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