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Sweet Shower

Last weekend I helped throw a baby shower for one of my friends, whom I've known for a very long time. Sarah and I met at church, in 7th grade, and have remained friends ever since. She moved away to New Mexico for a few years with her husband who was in the Air Force, and I was thrilled when they moved back two years ago. 

I am super thankful I didn't have to plan and execute the entire party, I would have been ridiculously overwhelmed coming up with decorations, making all of the food, and creating tasty treats. I was one of three to throw this shower, and I was in charge of the desserts for the party. 

I used Pinterest to collect baby shower ideas. I knew I wanted to create quite a spread of sugary sweets, so I needed lots of inspiration! 

I made dark chocolate cupcakes and pink champagne cupcakes, both had vanilla buttercream in pink, blue or green. I also made chocolate chip cookie cups, double chocolate and walnut cookie cups, and candy coated pretzel rods. 

I forgot to take photos of the pink chocolate fondue, and the pink marshmallow fluff and cream cheese fruit dip I had made. I had trays of cut up apples, strawberries, and grapes to dip in the fondue and the fruit dip with bamboo skewers. 

I included some Trader Joe's goodies as well. They were yogurt covered stars cookies, iced lemon cookies, salt water taffy, and shortbread cookies with apricot and raspberry centers. The spread looked fantastic!

 The pink champage cupcake recipe came from CoCo Mi's, which can be found here. I used Barefoot Bubbly pink moscato champagne, and they turned out DELICIOUS! Like, holy moly, how good are these? I would definitely make them again. They would be perfect for a girls night, a bridal shower, bachelorette, or birthday party. 

The dark chocolate cupcakes were a simple box mix, but was decadently rich. I topped both cupcakes with Life of Meg's Magnolia vanilla buttercream, which can be found here.

The candy coated pretzel rods were super easy but look adorable! I bought 3 medium bags of Snyders of Hanover pretzel rods and pulled out all the broken pieces. I got bags of different colored candy melts, and would pour them into a coffee mug, microwave until melted, dip and spoon  the candy onto a pretzel, and then dust with sprinkles. I laid them flat on a wax paper covered cookie sheet to harden, and then slipped them into little plastic bags I had found at JoAnne's just for pretzels. They turned out so cute and colorful!

I made little description cards by searching for printables on Pinterest, and found this set of ombre hearts that was adorable. You can edit the text and change the colors before you print, which was good for me, since I have no idea how to manipulate images without help! You can find the printable here.
 The buffet area, with sweets on the left, savories in the middle and the fondue and fruits on the right.
 The beautiful momma-to-be and I. It was hard to take a picture of us, so you get this silly angle!
 I just love this photo of my friend Shelley telling a story, and Deborah laughing
 Presents and decor 
 Beautiful Sarah
 Me, Sarah and Diane, friends since middle school! 
 It poured buckets most of the day, so it was sweet when a rainbow showed up in the afternoon!
A bobcat decided to make an appearance and walked through the neighbor's yard. I caught this through the window and zoomed way in.

I simply can't wait to meet baby Cameryn! 


  1. very pretty! you did a great job! i have two best friends that are having babys this year !

  2. That is too cute!! You're such a good hostess!! :)

  3. This turned out ADORABLE :) I love it, and that pic of the bobcat... way too cool!

  4. So cute! You did such a great job!!

  5. Dang! You know how to throw a party!


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