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8 years ago, on the evening of May 23, 2004, as I was sitting next to my best friend Billy, a thought struck me: 

I don't want to be with anyone else. 

I would never find another boy who was man enough, perfect enough, for me. Gathering my courage, I looked at him, and in a rush of words I asked him to not only be my best friend, but to also be my boyfriend. As I continued to stumble on my words, fighting a rising tide of embarrassment, a huge smile broke out on his face, his eyes lit up, and softly, he said "yes, of course." 
8 years later, I am married to the person who is still my best friend. We still laugh together all of the time, geek out over our hobbies and interests together while politely pretending to care. He is still the person I immediately go to with a troubled heart or problem, and whether or not it can be fixed, he always listens intently, and gives me such solid advice. We still cuddle, walk hand in hand, and give each other hugs and kisses before either leaves for the day, then again when we come home. 

I can't wait to grow old with him.

Over 8 years ago I told my family "I'm going to marry Billy."
 "Are you even dating him?" was their response. 
"Nope, but I have the rest of my life to date him, I am going to marry him."

Here's to the rest of our lives, my love! 
I fully delved into photo albums to find the prints above. It was before digital cameras were all the rage, when Kodak disposable cameras, and developing film, was still king. 


  1. Ah yay!! You guys are so cute!!

  2. who is crying like a baby? this girl is crying like a baby.
    this is amazing. THIS is what love is about. friendship is SO important to me for a relationship - your guys relationship is one to be admired. xo


  3. love this and love you guys!!! happy 8 year dating anniversary!!!! :)

  4. aww soo cute!!! love it.. i am with my best friend too!

  5. You two look like such babies in the pictures, but I love it! Great post...you sound like you have a fantastic and loving relationship. Happy anniversary!

  6. Soooo sweet! Happy anniversary!

  7. Aww, I love this post!! Y'all are adorable. :)


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