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Friday's Letters

I am linking up with my new IRL and blog friend Ashley over at Adventures of Newlyweds for her Friday's Letters series! Ashley just moved to San Jose, so I have had the pleasure of meeting up with her several times, and am getting to know her. I love when blog friends step out of the online world and become in real life friends :)

Dear Ashley, thank you for hosting Friday's Letters. Also, thank you for being cool about my "fan girl stalking" and actually hanging out with me! It was great to have you be a part of my makeup project, letting me cut and color your hair, AND letting me attend church with you. I look forward to putting together a super fun photoshoot project, exploring my favorite local places and spaces, and hanging out more! 

Dear fashion, what is up with the booty shorts I am seeing on girls ALL over the place? These thunder thighs  of mine just can't swing the up-to-there hemlines and constricting tightness. Even the cute longer rolled jean shorts aren't an option because the leg openings are never generous enough to fit the amount of thigh I possess. Darn years of playing soccer, running, and genetics for making me forgo a fashion trend, yet again. 

Dear Billy, you are such an amazing hubby. I love that even after almost 8 years together {hello dating anniversary on May 23!} you are still the person I most want to spend time with. You constantly make me laugh, we can always talk about anything and everything together, and you get me like no one else. Being with you is easy, even when it is hard. I can't believe how in love with Sadie you are, and what a good doggy daddy you are being! It makes me melt to see her little 9lb body wrapped up in your big arms for hugs and kisses, and how you will let her do just about anything because you positively adore her. 

Dear Sadie, thank you for being such a good dog and new fur baby! We are so very in love with you, and I want to take you absolutely everywhere. I've found myself planning excursions with you in mind, because I like having you around so much. You did extremely well at Grandma and Grandpa's house on Saturday, which means we can take you there more often, and you were even great at Matt and Nicole's on Monday. You totally loved the ice cream I shared with you that night, which was a reward for putting up with us while we ate dinner, and behaving yourself while we were out. We will have to work on your al fresco dining behavior though, as it's just not possible to sniff every table and patron on the patio while we are trying to eat. Thank you for doing so well at the vet yesterday! The shelter had mentioned you might be reactive to vets, but you did marvelous and even whacked Dr. Gross in the arm with your swishing tail, which I assume means you weren't too scared.

Dear body, let's get it together, shall me?! These extra 10lbs of "holiday weight" just aren't cool in May, OK? My muffin top is out of control, and I am so over feeling tubby, especially this close to pool season. This week we started "No excuses" and I was able to wake myself up and go for two early runs with BAR, which is better than the last two weeks of nada. I've got a drawer full of workout DVDs, a gym membership, friends who are gym regulars, and plenty of reasons to workout, I just need the consistent motivation.

Dear skin, can you please stop freaking out on me? The back acne and the face pimples are so not cool. My aesthetician says the kind of breakouts I'm experiencing are hormonal, which means there is very little I can do to keep it from happening, but I am doing all I can to treat it. I don't like feeling like a pre-pubescent teenager again. Let's be 27, please.

Dear egg donation cycle #4, I am so thankful to be helping out yet another wonderful couple who are in need of my eggs. I've been doing one injection daily for over a week now, and add in two more tomorrow. I think May 14 is the expected surgery date, and it's coming up quick! Let's not go getting all sorts of bloated though, K? 

Dear brother, happy 23rd birthday! I hope this year brings you much success, happiness and fun! I can't believe my little baby brother is so old. Soon, the sister turns 22, so I am really starting to feel old!


  1. That is fun that you were able to meet up with Ashley! Sounds like you girls have some fun things planned:) I agree with the face thing...you'd think over 10 years of zits would be enough and that I could get a break from them already!

  2. haha don't worry girl..I have those thunder thighs too (except we call 'em weber thighs since it runs in our family!)

  3. I LOVE that you met up with Ashley, both so lucky you have met each other!! OMG my face HATES me. I need a new one. Stat.
    I love that you are helping out another couple. SO lucky they are. I may have to hire you - ha! :) You are amazing, time and time again. :)

  4. I'm having a hard time being motivated to run/workout too. Glad I'm not the only one! Good luck to you! I'm sure you can do it!
    PS. LOVE your blog name, it is so cute :)

  5. I hate how my legs look in shorts, even when they were the most toned. I've just resigned myself to deal with the fact that I don't have cute shorts legs. They look good in skirts and dresses though so they aren't a total loss! Haha!!


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