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I love your vintage

Back in January I did hair and makeup for a photoshoot for a vintage clothing company that is just starting out called I Love Your Vintage. Sarah is a super cute little curly haired entrepreneur who knows her vintage designers. She even told me there is a demand for vintage buttons off of designer pieces. Who knew? I snapped a few shots behind the scenes, and recently received a few finished photos that will be heading to the website when it launches. I am really excited for I Love Your Vintage to come online and make a name for itself. Of course I will keep you up to date with that, as even I don't have a date for it yet! Until then, enjoy the photos!
 The studio set up
Lily Pulitzer 1960's shift dress
 Sarah pulling the next look from 1960's Lily Pulitzer shift dresses. I wanted several.
 Another cute Lily Pulitzer shift
 Sarah styling
 I Love Your Vintage American Apparel shirt
 Psychedelic 60's
 Poofy sleeves! Saks branded dress

Some of the finished photos!
She has a vintage Hermes scarf wrapped around her head like a turban!

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  1. Their hair/makeup looks great! And the clothes are super cute too!


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