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Off to the egg farm

As you read this, I will be at the fertility clinic getting prepped for egg donor cycle #4 retrieval surgery. Yes, for the last month I have been secretly dosing up with hormones and preparing for this cycle. This is the first time Billy has not been able to accompany me to the surgery, but never fear, my mommy is to the rescue and will be taking good care of me when I return home to sleep off the anesthesia. 
No, I'm not pregnant, nor do I want to be. It's just a darn good picture of what a post-egg retrieval bloated belly looks like.

On another note, who here has read, or is reading the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy? Oh, hot damn, these books are sexy. I have to be careful right now about dealing with how hot and bothered the book can make me, as I am extra fertile, and have no desire to have a multiple baby pregnancy! Despite my fears of acting on my raging hormones, I'm on book #2 and have #3 ready to go. While reading the first book, I noted distinct similarities to the Twilight series that left me shaking my head until I researched a little bit and found out that E.L. James, the author, started the series as Twilight fanfiction! Duh, of course there will be similarities to Twilight then. While the book is not the best example of great writing, it's entertaining, and most of all makes women {or at least me} contemplate their feelings on different sorts of relationships, and what that can mean for the bedroom. Am I saying this tactfully enough?? Worth a read, for sure, if for nothing else, than to know what your friends are talking about.
Romance and erotic novels are nothing new for me, as I have read the entirety of the Sookie Stackhouse, Anita Blake Vampire Hunter, and the Black Dagger Brotherhood series', which are all very sexy in their own right. Oh, and three series all have a new book either freshly out, or soon to be released, so my book queue is all ready to go with fun romance novels! Lots to keep me occupied while I rest and recover from surgery. 

If you think of me today, send some positive vibes to the amazing team of doctors and nurses who will be getting me through my procedure, and then making science magic happen for a woman who desperately wants a baby. I'm crossing my fingers we get a lot of eggs, are able to fertilize most of them into embryos, and that they take on the first try for her!


  1. Hope your surgery goes great!! Oh, and I love how delicately you describe the 50 Shades... Hahaha! I haven't read them probably bc I knew they started as Twilight fan fiction. It's hard for me to get beyond that. Lol

  2. hope it goes good! i donated about 2 years ago, feels great to give someone somthing they cant have

  3. I hope all goes well!! Hugs and smooches!

  4. You are a hero! Having been through IVF twice myself (we have twin daughters thanks to IVF!), I know how tough the process is. Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

    I read book one, and getting ready to start book 2 now. Love the series!

  5. YAY Good luck Adrian, as always, you are amazing. You are SO good for doing this for that lucky family. I know you don't want to be pregnant but seriously, that bump. I die. Too fun! :) I just finished the first book. WOW. On to #2. J may love them! ha

  6. Hope everything went well with your procedure today! It always amazes me how much of a bump you get from it! I read all of the books in a 4 day period. Could not put them down! Also made me want to have lots of sex. TMI?


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