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Sadie's thoughts

 Humans are to pet me, at all times. Should you stop petting me, I will bury my head under your hand so at least you are touching me.
I love playing tug-o-war and chasing after my toys, but I will abandon my games to dive bomb your hands if I  think petting would be better. 
Squished up next to you is my place. That's where I will be anytime you sit down. Bonus if I can snuggle under a blanket. 
 Food is for the weak. I eat when I want, and however much I want. My food bowl will eventually get cleaned over the course of the day, but you won't catch me eating it all at once like a glutton. 
 The kitties are peculiar playmates. They don't want to play tug, or chase, but at least they keep me company sometimes. They should be more dog-like.
Car rides are THE BEST! Bonus if I get to sit on your lap and stick my head out the window.
I like hiking with other doggies, and in a moment of extreme braveness I may run after them into a creek...until I realize it gets deep and scary, then I'll come back and not want to go  in again.
I like to smile.
Belly rubs are divine.
I've made the living room into my very own extreme sports gym. I love doing laps around it, bouncing off all of the furniture, and sometimes the people too!
I would really like it if mom and dad let me sleep in bed with them. Mom has been extra generous this week after her surgery and let me snuggle with her while she naps, but night time they still won't let me in.
I prefer beef flavored soft treats. Those hard biscuits are not as good. More treats!


  1. I love this!!! So cute. Glad she is fitting in so well. :) The life of a dog...


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