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These are my confessions {V1}

I'm taking a page out of Leigh's blog and linking up to share some of my confessions with you! 

The way Leigh plays is to give you one confession each week. You can click her name above and find out what her earlier confessions were. As this is my first time confession on Happy Girl, you can just stick right here and find out a little about me. 
I confess...that I ALWAYS wanted to be a contestant on MTVs the Road Rules/Real World challenges!! {link is to wiki for all the background on the show} 
Whether just in the early days of the RR vs RW Challenge, or the later incarnations of the Gauntlet, the Inferno, the Duel,the Island, Fresh Meat, the Ruins, Battle of the Exes, etc., I wanted badly to do it. I only have the excuse that I was working my way through school with bills to pay to keep me from applying, oh and I wanted to keep my relationship with Billy in tact, you know, grown up things. 

I am hugely competitive, and I thought my active background would give me some advantages on the show. My puzzle solving and game playing skills may be a little on the low side, but I could make it work, I was sure. Like any reality show, there is always plenty of drama to go around, and I felt my diplomatic personality and willingness to make friends but keep my cards close to my chest would give me an upper hand. 
And come on, those challenges were insane! Wrestling for a flag, ball, or other item in the sand, clawing other competitors, flipping people over to keep them from your goal, miles of obstacles, carrying heavy loads through mountain passes, keeping your team together when the weaklings fall back? Totally down!
Like a twisted take on Survivor, Fear Factor, and the Bachelor, this series had it all. Disgusting food challenges, feats demanding athleticism you didn't know you possessed, and hook ups galore. I probably would have had trouble with all of the heights so many of the challenges employed! Hanging off of a skyscraper? Dangling high above water? Free falling hundreds of feet? So not my favorite thing in the world. But you know what? There was a prize at the end of every season that would make each of those scary things worthwhile. And I could say I did what scared me most. 
It wouldn't hurt that most of the seasons were filmed in awesome locations like Thailand, New Zealand and on tropical islands, or that the host was Jonny Mosely followed by TJ Lavin! 
Diem Brown from Fresh Meat season 1 was my favorite character! She had just been treated for ovarian cancer before going on her 1st season, and still managed to rock the heck out of the challenges. She came back on future seasons, once wearing wigs, scarves and sporting short cropped hair that was growing back in after chemo, and again later on with her naturally brunette hair fully grown out. If this gorgeous girl who beat the odds and played the game {6 times!} could do it, so could I! She used her fame from MTV to start charities for cancer survivors and research, such a big hearted woman! You can check out Medgift.com to see the first cancer patient gift registry she created. 

What are your confessions? Ever want to be on a reality show?


  1. LOVE that there is a young cancer survivor on national television! So cool!

  2. That is awesome! I could totally see you on that show! :)

  3. Thanks for playing along! :) I used to watch those shows all of the time....some of the challenges seem like fun, but I don't know if I could handle that much drama!

  4. omg i love those shows as well.. i always wanted to go on it.


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