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Feeling Heavy

I love food. I really love sweets. I also like French fries and nachos. 

Unfortunately, all of this food love does not show love to my waistline. Even with training for two half marathons, which required running a bunch, I have gained weight steadily since October, and am now at my highest weight in 2 years. So many people think running will make you shed weight like crazy, and cardio is the best way to drop pounds. Not the case when you also like to eat what you burn, and then some. 

At first I blamed it on the holidays. "Oh, eating my weight in Halloween candy is fine, it's JUST one month." or "Christmas goodies only come out once a year, I HAVE to eat them now." Unfortunately, once the New Year hit, I didn't stop my downward spiral, and continued to indulge. That's all gotta stop. 
I headed to the gym Wednesday night and did day 1 of Jillian Michaels Making the Cut workout. If you aren't familiar with this book, it's a 30 day program to help you lost those last stubborn pounds, or in my case, about 10-20 haha. I did the 30 day program last July, along with training for a triathlon and 10k, and did lose weight so I was at my lowest since high school. It was  too hard to maintain that low of a weight, but I did stay low until October when my eating got out of hand. 
That's me, the pale one on the left at my lowest weight of 128 in Vegas after completing a sprint triathlon in June, followed by the Making the Cut series, and a 10k race. 

I take full responsibility for where I am, it's no one else's fault but my own when I stuffed goodies down my throat. I love the taste and the rush of endorphins that comes from eating something tasty, but I hate the guilt and the shame that comes right on the endorphin's heels after over doing it. I know I'm not the only one, I live in a country with a huge obesity epidemic. Sugar is my drug. 
Now what? 

Start keeping myself accountable  about what I put in my body, and start working harder to burn extra calories. Also, not obsess, as that's not healthy either. Where is the happy medium in that, again? 

So I am doing the Making the Cut workouts again, and I am going to try to eat better and stay away from my drugs of white flour and processed sugar. Don't laugh, I have good intentions. 

Keep me accountable, maybe? At least wish me luck.

RnR Seattle recap

The Race Recap
4:30am came way too early, and it was my second day in a row getting up at that time. I quickly dressed, got myself ready and headed downstairs to grab breakfast with Julie and Dave before we left to pick up Julie's friend Ann Marie, and then head to downtown Seattle. The weather report had worried me all week as I obsessively checked to see what conditions would be like on Saturday for the race. Thankfully, it was dry, and stayed that way through the whole race! We even got some sunshine, which was a big surprise. The parking downtown was a mess, thanks to road closures for the race, so we were really lucky to have Dave's parking pass, so we used his spot and walked to the race start. As this was a huge race, I expected bedlam when we arrived, but was pleasantly surprised with how efficiently the corral wave starts were. My race plan was to have fun, run as much as I could, drink water at every aid station, and fuel as needed. No time goals, or anything like that, as my training wasn't stellar.

We had plenty of time to snap pictures before beginning. 
{sorry most/all of my race photos have a big PROOF over them, I am borrowing them from the race photogs}
 The race started, but with the corrals being let out in waves, it took around 25 minutes for us to start. I started running with one of Julie's work friends, Phoung, and we were off to a good clip. We darted off to the port-a-potties at mile 2 because the start bathrooms had ridiculous lines and we couldn't go then. 
Phoung started to have some pacing issues, and wanted to walk a few times during the next few miles, so I would make her run a bit, let her walk, then start us off again. Around mile 5 my left foot went numb, not sure why, so we walked a bit, had a chocolate GU {so good, like pudding!} and rounded a corner to find....a HUGE hill! This thing was intense, so we started running and tried to get to the top. We walked the last bit, and then had fun running down the other side. Many people said they didn't like how steep the backside was, but I thought it was great and would have used the momentum to push me off, but I stuck with my buddy. At mile 6 I finally decided to push on without Phoung, who had been insisting I leave her since mile 2, and continued on my way. 
We hit some hills while entering and exiting the freeways that we ran on {so weird!!} and had some crazy tunnels that were hot and loud. While I was in the first tunnel, the very first marathon guy went by, and was proceeded by a truck with the race clock and lots of bullhorns cheering him on. It was intense and disorienting while in the tunnel, but cool to see this super speedy guy come through. Mile 10 was pretty awesome, with some downhill slopes that had me thinking I didn't need another GU and could run the rest of the race. HAH! Mile 11 brought another freeway on ramp hill that had me walking and panting, but it did take me along the waterfront, and by the stadiums which was cool.
Mile 12 brought another tunnel, and in the last .25 of the race another heart breaking hill to the finish line. There was no recovery time from climbing this hill, so I felt like I was barely shuffling along, my hip flexors practically unable to move my legs forward, and everything crying out for me to stop. Thank goodness the finish line was right there, I'm not sure I could have gone further. 
Hello, beautiful shirtless dude I didn't even notice at the race, and yes, that cheesy grin is because I was excited to be done and probably depleted of everything that would make me sane at that moment. I chose not to show you some of the gems that were taken of me unawares and looking like death. Maybe that will be another post all together. "How to look scary and practically dead while running" sounds about right. 

My official time was 2:18:49, and I will totally take it. This course was tough, my training was so-so at best, and I didn't have any goals other than to have fun and finish. My Garmin was a bit thrown off by my stopping at the bathroom, and then losing satellite reception in the tunnels, but it was pretty close and shows a decent portrayal of what each mile was like. 

I finished!! After some photo ops and time to rest in the chute, I headed to meet the group and enjoy my chocolate milk and post-race snacks. 

Julie and I headed home, showered, and took naps, which was a wonderful way to spend the afternoon! My only post-race regret? Not having a giant, delicious, juicy burger from anywhere after the race, which is what I really wanted. I waited until I got back home from Seattle to have a burger with Billy, and even a few days late, it was perfect. Instead, I had an English muffin with peanut butter and honey before my nap, then a plate of chicken and cheese nachos when I got up. 

I will continue my recap of my trip in another post, I am so tired and ready for bed now :)

Seattle, day 1

My title may otherwise be known as "my weekend was too long to recap in one post"! 

In a very fitting way, Seattle greeted me with a steady downpour on Friday that had me worried for the weather during Saturday's race. I met up with my amazing hostess with the mostest Julie {Tri Girl}  at the airport. She recognized me, then snuck up behind me and surprised me with a tap on the shoulder. You guys, Julie is just the cutest! I am so glad she let me stay with her while I was in town, and I feel like I've made a super great friend for life and a total kindred spirit. I'm sure staying with someone you have only talked to online could have been awkward and uncomfortable, but Julie {and her hubby Dave} made me feel right at home, and we had lots in common to keep up chatting for days. 

Expo, part 1
We made our way to Century Link fields, the Seattle sports stadiums, for the race expo. I've never done a Rock 'n' Roll series race before, so I was excited for all the swag from the giant expo.Julie and I had fun sampling bars, drinks, and gathering lots of free goodies in our Rock 'n' Roll totes. We basically were killing time before the real fun began!

 We then met up at Elysian Fields, a local brewery, for a blogger meet up lunch.  Julie and I met up with Megan, the other Megan, their respective significant others, ErikaNicoleStacie, and a few other bloggers that I was introduced to for the very first time. It was so nice meeting some of these girls who until now were just a web presence for me on blogger and social media. I now have voices and personalities to match the words and pictures I have seen. It can be surprising to hear a different voice than you imagined come out of someone you have gotten to know through writing, now I have a physical voice to read their blogs in :)
Expo, part 2
We headed back the expo to finish up checking out the booths, and snapped some fun pictures.
The Megans and I planned to wear our respective "Born and Raced in" Oiselle t-shirts, so we had to get that documented. 
Julie and I "racing" to the finish line :)
I sure wish my finishing time was 2:03:58, it would have been a PR!
Ready for the race to start! 

Julie and I headed home around 5:30pm, both tired from the expo. We made a simple dinner, and headed to bed early, knowing our alarms would be going off far too early. 

Check out my race recap next post!


Enjoy Winner & Letters

I am linking up with Ashley from Adventures of Newlyweds for Friday's letters
Dear Sara M., You won the Enjoy Hair Care giveaway! I sent you an email, please reply with the shampoo and conditioner you would like, and your shipping address. I can't wait for you to try the Enjoy products, you will LOVE them! 

Dear Seattle, I can't wait to be all up in your rainy streets, visiting your sumptuous eateries, seeing your impressive skyline, and checking out the sites.
Dear Rock n Roll half marathon, I'm coming for you! I may not be my fastest or best trained, but I am going to run my heart out and have a blast.
Dear bloggy friends whom I will be meeting, I. Can't. Wait. Let's eat, and talk, and take pictures, and run, and more! I'm excited to wear my Tri Girl made tank, but bummed it's going to be raining and cold so I won't be able to wear my running skirt with it.
Dear Billy, I'm sad to leave you for 4 days! I already want to cuddle your bearded face, and snuggle into your warm arms. Promise to text and call a bunch, and send you lots of pictures!
Dear Sadie, why is it so hard to leave my cute little doggie? Mommy will miss your sweet face and cuddles! Cousin Tyler will take good care of you while you stay with him and his parents this weekend. Just don't bite my sweet nephew, even when he chases you incessantly and want you to see his toys. Oh yeah, sorry I threw you in the reservoir last week and then had to give you a bath because you stank so much. I learned my lesson!
Dear readers, did you like my giveaway? Would you like to see more? Let's see if we can make some more happen!

Have a great weekend everyone! I'll be back to blogging next Tuesday, after I return from Seattle.


Carpe Diem Brown

Diem Brown is such an amazing woman. 
{Remember my very first confessions post where I told you about her? Well, you can refresh your memory here.}
This 30 year old entertainment reporter and MTV's The Challenge contestant has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer--again. She is having her second ovary removed and will be going through menopause at 30 years old...oh, and she will be undergoing chemotherapy again too. I can't even tell you how sad that makes me, and I don't even know Diem personally!
You can watch a great interview Diem did with Fox News today, describing her journey with cancer the first time around, and how it led to her creating a patient registry program called Med Gift, at this link
Her passion project, Med Gift, is a great way to be able to help out anyone who is in the hospital, not just cancer patients. If you, or someone you know is sick, have their hospital register with Med Gift, and then let them sign up to be showered with love and much needed help. Just think, you buy a gift off of a registry for a wedding or baby shower, why not help out your sick friends, without them having to ask? 

You can view and donate to Diem by clicking this link to her Med Gift registry


Oh my Monday

Oh yes, the weekend is OVER! I know most of you don't celebrate the weekend's end, but I really look forward to my very own midweek "weekend". Also, I technically worked 12 days in a row, with babysitting Sean and my regular work thrown in there. It's about time all that is over.

But don't you worry, I have a few days "off" work, and then I have something to really look forward to for next weekend. It's not a super cool wedding, even though those are fun, it's even better: Rock n Roll Seattle half marathon AND a rad blogger meet up!!! *commence cheering*

I am seeing Megan, whom I met when she was in San Francisco for Bay to Breakers 2011, meeting Tri Girl, the other Megan, Erika, Stacie, Nicole, and so many more that I can't even remember to link to them. I am sure there will be tons of photos taken, and lots of blog recaps once we get back to our respective homes post-race. 

In related news, you should all check out Megan's blog for a guest post Tri Girl did, super fun! Oh, and I totally got a shout out in it, which was surprising, and made me feel loved :)

As for my plans this week before jetting off to Seattle, I am going to be cleaning the apartment, doing laundry, and packing. What a party, I tell ya. 

I will also be attempting one or two short, slow runs to keep my legs moving. I had my last long run last Saturday. It was 12 miles, and I wanted to die. During that run I realized my Brooks Glycerin 9's were NOT going to cut it, as they gave me a bruise on my second toe that turned the nail black--a total first for me in my running life. I returned the shoes today, because my running store is amazing like that and totally takes back shoes that "just don't feel right" or hurt. My store was out of my size in my Asics Landreth 7's so I got a pair of Saucony Progrid Ride 5's, which I am hoping will work out. Anyone tried these shoes out? They feel squishy and wonderfully cushioned, which I am hoping means good runs. Now off to foam roll my calves before bed!


Have a great weekend

Just a few odds and ends to send you off to weekend bliss!
If you are in need of some good books to read, I plan on adding some random book reviews in to this little blog sometime. For now, check out these two awesome young adult novels for yourself:
Under the Never Sky a dystopian novel by Veronica Rossi
Dreamless {Starcrossed #2} a mythology/supernatural novel by Josephine Angelini
I sure wish my weekend looked like that photo above. Nope, SUPER busy few days for me at the salon. I'll see you on the other side of Monday evening, when it's all over ;)

Don't forget to enter my Enjoy Hair Care giveaway!!

Friday's letters

Linking up with Ashley from Adventures of Newlyweds for another rousing game of Friday's letters! 

Dear Sean, it's been fun babysitting for you this week! Even with the God awful early start time of 7am, you make it worth it. I can't believe I've known you for 6 years!! Thanks for being such a trooper and riding your bike while I tackled my 4 mile runs. There is no way I would have enjoyed running after work in the late afternoon heat, so you're a pretty cool kid to jump on your bike and follow me while I pounded out the miles at 7:30am. 
Sean, age 2.5 circa 2006 or thereabouts
Sean, age 8.5 2012
Dear Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, my old friend, you have maintained your sunny disposition, fried food smells, and raucous noises of fun being had after all these years. Thanks for not disappointing me when Sean and I went in search of thrills and excitement.  We had an absolute blast, tackling all of the rides, and eating delicious candy and boardwalk food.We will be back!
Dear Instagram, thanks for offering a free camera ap so I can further document my life...I mean food...I mean animals...err, yeah. These are all from our Boardwalk adventure. Follow me on Instagram @hairbyadrian
 Left is before the log ride, right is after. Notice the soaked hair and shirts
 Yummy Boardwalk food! Corn dogs and chocolate dipped ice cream sandwiches
 Our view at lunch of Santa Cruz beach and the Pacific Ocean, and my favorite ride, the Sea Swings

Dear running, stop hurting me! I got new shoes, I wear my calf sleeves while running, I stretch and foam roll, and I stick to nicely paved bike paths, so what gives? Leg pain is no fun, and I need it to stop, asap, so I can have a good half marathon next week.

Dear Billy, why can't we have days off together? I know I am sucky at staying home when you are off, but I usually have a good excuse. I cannot wait for November and our Puerto Rico vacation, where we will be off work, relaxing together! Thanks for being such a sweet hubby and still loving me, even when I make plans on your days off :)

Dear kitties, learn how to clean your litter boxes already. And do laundry. Oh, and dishes. In fact, just learn how to do everything I hate doing, and we will be golden. What? There's two of you, it should be easy.

Dear Sadie, sorry we haven't run together this week! I know you miss the exercise, but I've been running with this cute kid who can ride a bike. Can you ride a bike? Didn't think so. I still love you. Especially because you wore your tutu tonight and didn't complain. You know how much mommy likes your tutu! 


Enjoy giveaway

Well hello, my faithful readers!

I have a wonderful giveaway for all of you who have stuck around through the ebb and flow of my posting, and put up with me for so long. 

I have the awesome privilege to work in a salon that carries many hair care lines. One of those lines is Enjoy Hair Care, which has quickly become a new favorite.
My favorite products are the sulphate free Luxury shampoo and conditioner. So much moisture for my chemically dependent hair to soak up, leaving my parched hair soft and manageable without being weighed down.  As for styling products, I love the conditioning spray, and the straightening gel, which has the power to pull out wave and frizz like a chemical straightener would, but only until the next wash. It's a hallelujah in a bottle for frizzy hair.

Oh, did I mention that all of the shampoos and conditioners, and some of the styling products have low pH ranges? I'm no scientist, but here is a quick course on pH: 0-6 is your acidic range {lemon juice}, 7 is neutral {pure water}, and 8-14 is your alkaline range {ammonia}. 
Whenever you use chemicals on your hair, such as when you color or chemically straighten, and when you use hot water or hot tools, you are raising the pH of your hair, which opens the cuticle. Enjoy products all have a low pH of under 5, which will close and seal the cuticle, giving you more color longevity, shine, and smoothness. All pretty good things, right? Right. 

Experience Enjoy is a special website that helps you discover which of the enjoy products are best for your hair type and condition. You just answer a few questions, and it give you a hair care prescription! On the same page, you can scroll down and select a style picture, which takes you to a 2 minute video of how to achieve that look on yourself using Enjoy products. Pretty snazzy, if I do say so myself. All of the videos have funny names like Playmate of the Year, So not a Soccer Mom bob, and Punk in Public. Gotta hand it to Enjoy for having a good sense of humor while educating their customers!

Now here is the best part of all, my wonderful Enjoy sales rep has agreed to help me out in getting some products to my readers! One lucky reader will receive a shampoo and conditioner set of their choice, and I am throwing in a sample of the Intensive hair and skin oil, which is ah-mazing! You can literally use the oil all over your hair and skin and not feel greasy or weighed down. It also makes blow drying your hair a snap by pushing out water molecules!

What are you waiting for?? Get to entering! 

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