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3 on Tuesday

Helllllloo, lovelies!!! 

It's the end of Tuesday, and I have some melatonin in my system making me sleepy, so of course I should write a post now, right? I'll give you a quick 3 point post and let you get on with your day!

I have a babysitting gig this week{and a few days last week}, starting work at 7am. It's been tough getting up so early, but I can cat nap for a a bit before the day gets started usually. Now, I make no claims to being a morning person, and I'm usually not my best before 8 or 9am, so when I nearly rear ended a car this morning after several in front of us stopped short, my adrenaline started pumping and I was fully awake. Thankfully my ABS kicked in and there was no crash, but oh how scared I was! Definitely made me rethink my  extra snooze in the morning.

I recently started watching the Tudors on Netflix insta-queue, and I am loving this crazy period drama! Also, how great is Netflix insta-queue for having whole seasons of awesome TV shows? Makes my not having cable pretty bearable. Anyone else watch/ed The Tudors? Any other Netflix recommendations for me?
Rock n Roll Seattle half marathon and blogger meet up is in 11days eek!! While I am super stoked to meet up with some fabulous ladies, I am so nervous about running a half marathon with the lack of training I have behind me. My 10.5 miler on Sunday made me hate life, and if that is how I am feeling come June 23rd, I will be in a world of hurt. I was grateful for my decent 4 miler today, and new shoes that are hopefully going to be broken in and feeling fabulous in another few runs. I picked up the Brooks Glycerin 9's, departing from my Asics Landreth 7's, trying to find some more cushioning in a neutral shoe. I like the snazzy color combo, and the fit so far. Wearing them for the first time for 10 miles probably wasn't my best move, and I had the sore, crampy feet, and calf pain to prove it. No cramps today and my calves felt better, so I am optimistic. Any other cushioned neutral shoe for a wider forefoot recommendations out there? 
That's it for now, my brain is fried and my bed is calling!
If you come back later this week, I am going to be posting a super fun giveaway for some hair products I know you all will love!


  1. So glad you weren't in an accident. They are no fun. I am excited for your half and blogger meet up!! I heart giveaways!! Happy Wednesday Adrian.

  2. Watch Mad Men on Netflix, it's my favorite show. Walking Dead is my second fave and I think season 1 is on there.

  3. I am super excited too!! (Also, I think the last time I bought new eye shadow was in 2001 so I'm looking forward to you recommendations...)

    I have a wider forefoot and when I recently went to the running store they recommended the Brooks Launch. it's a neutral shoe and I have been VERY happy with it. I wore my Defyance 2s well into the ground, and the Launches have been fantastic so far!

  4. Running Style and Your Shoes infographic:


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