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Carpe Diem Brown

Diem Brown is such an amazing woman. 
{Remember my very first confessions post where I told you about her? Well, you can refresh your memory here.}
This 30 year old entertainment reporter and MTV's The Challenge contestant has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer--again. She is having her second ovary removed and will be going through menopause at 30 years old...oh, and she will be undergoing chemotherapy again too. I can't even tell you how sad that makes me, and I don't even know Diem personally!
You can watch a great interview Diem did with Fox News today, describing her journey with cancer the first time around, and how it led to her creating a patient registry program called Med Gift, at this link
Her passion project, Med Gift, is a great way to be able to help out anyone who is in the hospital, not just cancer patients. If you, or someone you know is sick, have their hospital register with Med Gift, and then let them sign up to be showered with love and much needed help. Just think, you buy a gift off of a registry for a wedding or baby shower, why not help out your sick friends, without them having to ask? 

You can view and donate to Diem by clicking this link to her Med Gift registry


  1. I always liked her on the MTV challenge show. She seems so down to earth even through the whole cancer thing

  2. I loved watching her on tv... it was amazing watching her doing something so physically draining and exhausting, knowing in the background what she was going though. Honestly, she was the most memorable person on the show, and I love that you shared this link... thank you!


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