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Enjoy giveaway

Well hello, my faithful readers!

I have a wonderful giveaway for all of you who have stuck around through the ebb and flow of my posting, and put up with me for so long. 

I have the awesome privilege to work in a salon that carries many hair care lines. One of those lines is Enjoy Hair Care, which has quickly become a new favorite.
My favorite products are the sulphate free Luxury shampoo and conditioner. So much moisture for my chemically dependent hair to soak up, leaving my parched hair soft and manageable without being weighed down.  As for styling products, I love the conditioning spray, and the straightening gel, which has the power to pull out wave and frizz like a chemical straightener would, but only until the next wash. It's a hallelujah in a bottle for frizzy hair.

Oh, did I mention that all of the shampoos and conditioners, and some of the styling products have low pH ranges? I'm no scientist, but here is a quick course on pH: 0-6 is your acidic range {lemon juice}, 7 is neutral {pure water}, and 8-14 is your alkaline range {ammonia}. 
Whenever you use chemicals on your hair, such as when you color or chemically straighten, and when you use hot water or hot tools, you are raising the pH of your hair, which opens the cuticle. Enjoy products all have a low pH of under 5, which will close and seal the cuticle, giving you more color longevity, shine, and smoothness. All pretty good things, right? Right. 

Experience Enjoy is a special website that helps you discover which of the enjoy products are best for your hair type and condition. You just answer a few questions, and it give you a hair care prescription! On the same page, you can scroll down and select a style picture, which takes you to a 2 minute video of how to achieve that look on yourself using Enjoy products. Pretty snazzy, if I do say so myself. All of the videos have funny names like Playmate of the Year, So not a Soccer Mom bob, and Punk in Public. Gotta hand it to Enjoy for having a good sense of humor while educating their customers!

Now here is the best part of all, my wonderful Enjoy sales rep has agreed to help me out in getting some products to my readers! One lucky reader will receive a shampoo and conditioner set of their choice, and I am throwing in a sample of the Intensive hair and skin oil, which is ah-mazing! You can literally use the oil all over your hair and skin and not feel greasy or weighed down. It also makes blow drying your hair a snap by pushing out water molecules!

What are you waiting for?? Get to entering! 


  1. They definitely recommend the intense reconstruction spray for my hair. It's always best to talk to someone who deals with hair every day, so thanks for sharing.

  2. This is so fun! I like how they tell you what you need to get! Awesome. No twitter for me, otherwise I am all in!!


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