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Enjoy Winner & Letters

I am linking up with Ashley from Adventures of Newlyweds for Friday's letters
Dear Sara M., You won the Enjoy Hair Care giveaway! I sent you an email, please reply with the shampoo and conditioner you would like, and your shipping address. I can't wait for you to try the Enjoy products, you will LOVE them! 

Dear Seattle, I can't wait to be all up in your rainy streets, visiting your sumptuous eateries, seeing your impressive skyline, and checking out the sites.
Dear Rock n Roll half marathon, I'm coming for you! I may not be my fastest or best trained, but I am going to run my heart out and have a blast.
Dear bloggy friends whom I will be meeting, I. Can't. Wait. Let's eat, and talk, and take pictures, and run, and more! I'm excited to wear my Tri Girl made tank, but bummed it's going to be raining and cold so I won't be able to wear my running skirt with it.
Dear Billy, I'm sad to leave you for 4 days! I already want to cuddle your bearded face, and snuggle into your warm arms. Promise to text and call a bunch, and send you lots of pictures!
Dear Sadie, why is it so hard to leave my cute little doggie? Mommy will miss your sweet face and cuddles! Cousin Tyler will take good care of you while you stay with him and his parents this weekend. Just don't bite my sweet nephew, even when he chases you incessantly and want you to see his toys. Oh yeah, sorry I threw you in the reservoir last week and then had to give you a bath because you stank so much. I learned my lesson!
Dear readers, did you like my giveaway? Would you like to see more? Let's see if we can make some more happen!

Have a great weekend everyone! I'll be back to blogging next Tuesday, after I return from Seattle.


  1. Good luck with the marathon ... Im sure you'll kick some butt!

  2. How fun!! A half marathon is def on my bucket list :) Good luck, I'm sure you'll rock it's socks off!! Looking forward to following your blog! Found you thru the Letters link up :)

    Kristine from TheFoleyFam

  3. I am from Seattle!! Wave to downtown for me, when you're there. I miss it so much. Good luck on your marathon!! Stopping by from Friday Letters!

  4. great list girl and you'll do awesome at the marathon! cute blog and i love the name ! :) xo

  5. I love the rock -n- roll half marathons! I did the one out in Virginia Beach twice-- it was so much fun!

  6. haha i love that you want to cuddle his bearded face! :) my guy is all bearded too!

  7. I love that photo of you and Billy - you are stunning. And GOOD LUCK!!! Congrats to the winner!!

  8. Good luck with your run and enjoy Seattle!

  9. Good luck with your half marathon! Can't wait to hear all about it! Seattle is a fabulous city, have fun! :)

  10. you're running the Rock N Roll marathon?? AWESOME! Have lots of fun and it doesn't matter how fast your time is, the exciting thing is that YOU FINISHED! I ran the Nashville one and had a blast and made so many great memories. You will have a wonderful time.

  11. I can't wait to see all your seattle adventures and hear about the race when you get back! have so much fun with the girls you meet!

  12. I love your blog title, it is so true!
    Congratulations to Sara!
    You are going to have so much fun in Seattle! I love love love it there, and am so thankful to live only a couple hours away. I hope you have an awesome time running the marathon!
    What a cute pup!

    Stopping by from Friday's Letters ♥

  13. Good luck on the half marathon! Hope you enjoy the rain and gloom. You'll get the true Seattle experience :)
    from http://bigmamasmallchanges.blogspot.com/

  14. Hope you have an amazing time!!!!!

  15. I hope you had a blast here and I can't wait to read all your recaps! And weren't you supposed to bring me some sort of baked good?? :-)


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