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Feeling Heavy

I love food. I really love sweets. I also like French fries and nachos. 

Unfortunately, all of this food love does not show love to my waistline. Even with training for two half marathons, which required running a bunch, I have gained weight steadily since October, and am now at my highest weight in 2 years. So many people think running will make you shed weight like crazy, and cardio is the best way to drop pounds. Not the case when you also like to eat what you burn, and then some. 

At first I blamed it on the holidays. "Oh, eating my weight in Halloween candy is fine, it's JUST one month." or "Christmas goodies only come out once a year, I HAVE to eat them now." Unfortunately, once the New Year hit, I didn't stop my downward spiral, and continued to indulge. That's all gotta stop. 
I headed to the gym Wednesday night and did day 1 of Jillian Michaels Making the Cut workout. If you aren't familiar with this book, it's a 30 day program to help you lost those last stubborn pounds, or in my case, about 10-20 haha. I did the 30 day program last July, along with training for a triathlon and 10k, and did lose weight so I was at my lowest since high school. It was  too hard to maintain that low of a weight, but I did stay low until October when my eating got out of hand. 
That's me, the pale one on the left at my lowest weight of 128 in Vegas after completing a sprint triathlon in June, followed by the Making the Cut series, and a 10k race. 

I take full responsibility for where I am, it's no one else's fault but my own when I stuffed goodies down my throat. I love the taste and the rush of endorphins that comes from eating something tasty, but I hate the guilt and the shame that comes right on the endorphin's heels after over doing it. I know I'm not the only one, I live in a country with a huge obesity epidemic. Sugar is my drug. 
Now what? 

Start keeping myself accountable  about what I put in my body, and start working harder to burn extra calories. Also, not obsess, as that's not healthy either. Where is the happy medium in that, again? 

So I am doing the Making the Cut workouts again, and I am going to try to eat better and stay away from my drugs of white flour and processed sugar. Don't laugh, I have good intentions. 

Keep me accountable, maybe? At least wish me luck.


  1. Good luck! I'll do it with ya! Xoxo

  2. adrian, you are so cute---- you are beautiful right now, I mean-- stunning! It is always good to be really healthy and be in a place where you are happy with how you look, I know you can do whatever you set your mind to! I would love to do the workouts with you the last few weeks I am here!

  3. Ah, I am totally with you! I have zero self control when it comes to food, and unlike you I HATE running and most cardio. I do like yoga though and that helped me shed 20 pounds last year. Now post baby (like you post holidays, haha!) I need to get back into the swing of a healthier lifestyle. People say breast feeding will help you lose weight quickly, but because I'm burning so many calories doing it, I'm hungry ALL THE TIME and end up eating more than the number of calories I burn. I also have zero time to exercise because this baby likes to nurse every 2 hours, 24 hours a day so I spend the time in between getting other things done and spending time with child #1. All of this to say, I definitely feel you right now and I'll be working hard to get back to a healthier body right along with you :)

  4. I know exactly what you mean, I have slowly been adding pies and pasta to my belly since moving in my with my boyfriend 2 yrs ago and simply cant eat what he does and not exercise. Im trying to have smaller portions and not go back for seconds, drinking a jug of water a day and cut back on the alcohol too. But I really need to get my butt into some exercise but I just cant be bothered! I think you need something to look forward to, a goal like a holiday to really knuckle down and get fit. You look gorgeous by the way :) Im sure you'll fit in the exercise somehow x

  5. Good luck, girl! I know this can be hard. I ask myself, when I'm really on my game, "Do I really NEED to eat this?" and if the answer is no, I put it back. You can still allow yourself some treats and goodies (I know I wouldnt be able to give up my yummy foods all together), but just try and watch how many you're eating. I also try not to eat after 7-8pm at night. It helps cut down on unnecessary snacking for me....which is really hard when the boyfriend goes to get the Cheez its at 9pm haha
    You can do it! You deserve to feel good...just tell yourself that!

  6. i know you will do great! i am on my own workout plan and i am trying to stay away from my vices as well.!

  7. Keeping my eating is check is SO HARD! I love french fries and sweets. And sometimes they just get the best of me. When I'm on a roll and doing good then I'm ok but one french fry in and everything goes all to hell! Good luck!

  8. I found that when I restricted myself completely that's when I've crave things and cave in. Allow yourself those treats every now and then. Even better, make a list of healthy treats that will satisfy your cravings; apple with almond butter + honey, berries with freshly whipped cream. Even homemade desserts are better because you can regulate the ingredients and it's not as easy and running to the store, you have to work for them. I find that writing down what you eat will make you more accountable. If you just need to have that "cheat", do it but mark an '*' beside it in your journal (or on your blog) and just try to do better the next day. Find healthy foods that are super enjoyable and you'll feel more satisfied. Keep up the exercise and cardio isn't everything. The more muscle you have, the more fat you'll burn. Have a great weekend!

  9. I heard somewhere that losing weight is 80% what we eat and 20% being active. I would much rather put time in at the gym than eat healthy! Losing weight is tough, but it sounds like you are on your way- good luck!

  10. I hear you. Nachos and french fries are two of my bestest friends. I also know how hard it is to start over once you take quite a bit of time off of carefully monitoring what you eat. I haven't looked at Jillian Michael's book (I've got WAY MORE than 10 pounds to lose). I'm trying the Flat Belly Diet. Good Luck!

  11. I have that book. I should really read it. You are beautiful but I think it's important to feel
    Good about yourself and what you are doing. You are gonna kill it!!

  12. I am so with you. My weight on the scale has been creeping up gradually. Yes, I do exercise a good amount during the week, but if you eat everything in sight like I have been doing, it's going to cancel all that out! I had a mini intervention with myself on Saturday after walking past too many full-length mirrors in the mall. Gonna step up my game! You can do it, too!

  13. I'm in the same boat! I love food and lots of it. Last night I splurged (ate what I always eat) and between the fella and I we split a (big)bag of Lays potato chips and jar of french onion dip. I didn't think it was that bad (I also had a grilled ham and cheese sandwich), until we added up calories "just for fun." 1200 PER PERSON!!! What!?!?! That was a huge eye opener. Needless to say, I ran a little further this morning. Good luck with your plan, it sounds like a good one and like you're motivated!!!

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