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Friday's letters

Linking up with my blog friend turned real life friend Ashley of Adventures of Newlyweds for Friday's Letters!

Dear chocolate chips, since you are the only junk food in my house right now, I've been eating you by the handful. Seriously counter-productive to the running I've been doing. Not sure why my brain even tries to justify finishing off the rest of the bag "to remove temptation". Oh, and you make me want to bake up naughty treats that are delicious, but so not worth the guilt. Cut it out.
Dear calves, why you hurt so bad? Both my Monday and Wednesday runs left my calves hurting so bad--it felt like I had calf cramps that wouldn't go away. I wore my Tommie Copper calf sleeves for 24 hours after Wednesday's run, and they are finally feeling better. I even wore the sleeves during my runs today, to try and keep the pain away, and it helped!
Dear body, are you ready for a half marathon? Like it or not, there is one right around the corner. 2 weeks isn't a long time to try and get to double digit miles in my training, so I hope you don't mind being pushed like crazy when you're supposed to be enjoying a taper. I'm more than a little nervous about finishing this race strong. 3 week breaks from running smack dab in the middle of marathon training seriously cramp your style.
Dear Billy, you really are a winner. I can't get upset with you over trivial things because you always redeem yourself, and make me laugh in the process. You have taught me to go with the flow and relax a whole lot more than I am used to, which doesn't bode well for the cleanliness of our house, but is far more enjoyable. Also, I can't believe I suckered you into allowing Ashley to do a photoshoot of us, even though you HATE having your picture taken. I am going to set that up before you change your mind :)
Dear Sadie, thanks for being such a stellar running buddy. Your company on my shorter runs has been awesome, and I love how people marvel at your cute little self running along with me. not only can you run like a champ, you are also a wonderful cuddler! You are a wonder dog, and I love you so much!
Dear Nicole, I still can't believe what a bad ass you are for completing the Gladiator Rock n Run 5k obstacle course run by yourself back in May. I wished I could have done it with you! Next year for sure. Hope your first week of work at Tesla was amazing and the transition from the big leagues of Facebook to a much smaller company went well. Can't wait to hear all about it!
Dear Bryn, stop growing up! Helping you get ready and attending your 8th grade promotion yesterday was surreal. I can't believe the remarkable young lady you have become. High school is going to be a wonderful experience for you, and I know you are ready and can handle it with ease. Go get em, girl!


  1. Your blog seriously puts a smile on my face, its just darling. I want to to a mud run too, they look like a lot of fun!
    Hope to see you around POTC sometime:)

  2. Sadie is so cute!!! Happy weekend!!

  3. Woo hoo for your half marathon! I am so excited for you...keep us updated! I really need you to be my running trainer...I've gotta get back into the swing of running sooooon!

  4. you convinced him?!??! YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  5. i LOVEEEE the name of yur blog, just for that I signed up to follow! how adorable is sadie! i love animals, theyre just the best!



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