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Friday's letters

Linking up with Ashley from Adventures of Newlyweds for another rousing game of Friday's letters! 

Dear Sean, it's been fun babysitting for you this week! Even with the God awful early start time of 7am, you make it worth it. I can't believe I've known you for 6 years!! Thanks for being such a trooper and riding your bike while I tackled my 4 mile runs. There is no way I would have enjoyed running after work in the late afternoon heat, so you're a pretty cool kid to jump on your bike and follow me while I pounded out the miles at 7:30am. 
Sean, age 2.5 circa 2006 or thereabouts
Sean, age 8.5 2012
Dear Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, my old friend, you have maintained your sunny disposition, fried food smells, and raucous noises of fun being had after all these years. Thanks for not disappointing me when Sean and I went in search of thrills and excitement.  We had an absolute blast, tackling all of the rides, and eating delicious candy and boardwalk food.We will be back!
Dear Instagram, thanks for offering a free camera ap so I can further document my life...I mean food...I mean animals...err, yeah. These are all from our Boardwalk adventure. Follow me on Instagram @hairbyadrian
 Left is before the log ride, right is after. Notice the soaked hair and shirts
 Yummy Boardwalk food! Corn dogs and chocolate dipped ice cream sandwiches
 Our view at lunch of Santa Cruz beach and the Pacific Ocean, and my favorite ride, the Sea Swings

Dear running, stop hurting me! I got new shoes, I wear my calf sleeves while running, I stretch and foam roll, and I stick to nicely paved bike paths, so what gives? Leg pain is no fun, and I need it to stop, asap, so I can have a good half marathon next week.

Dear Billy, why can't we have days off together? I know I am sucky at staying home when you are off, but I usually have a good excuse. I cannot wait for November and our Puerto Rico vacation, where we will be off work, relaxing together! Thanks for being such a sweet hubby and still loving me, even when I make plans on your days off :)

Dear kitties, learn how to clean your litter boxes already. And do laundry. Oh, and dishes. In fact, just learn how to do everything I hate doing, and we will be golden. What? There's two of you, it should be easy.

Dear Sadie, sorry we haven't run together this week! I know you miss the exercise, but I've been running with this cute kid who can ride a bike. Can you ride a bike? Didn't think so. I still love you. Especially because you wore your tutu tonight and didn't complain. You know how much mommy likes your tutu! 


  1. Running AND babysitting at 7:30 in the morning? I'm impressed. Very impressed.

  2. Looks like you and Sean are having lots of fun together! That's great that he will come with on his bike so you can get your run in. Vacation to Puerto Rico?! Jealous!

  3. Oh to be a kid again. At least you have someone who can bring you back into that world, if only for a while. Enjoy!

  4. Ok you and Sean are the cutest!!! LOVE it. And I am still jealous of your vacay!!

  5. I love the background on your blog! I love it! I am your newest follower. I love that you run 4 miles everyday! That is inspiring. I need to get off my booty and do some of that. I am following you in every capacity. Check out my letters if you get a chance.

  6. Owww thats so sweet that you've seen him grow up for so long. Must be like a little bro to you. Found you on the linky party, Im loving these letters so much fun. Have a fab weekend x

  7. Hi visiting from the link up - I too am obsessed with Instagram and included it in my Friday Letters. I'm struggling with my honey's crazy schedule not linking up with mine too, I'm counting down until next weekend when we are off together! Happy weekend!


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