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RnR Seattle recap

The Race Recap
4:30am came way too early, and it was my second day in a row getting up at that time. I quickly dressed, got myself ready and headed downstairs to grab breakfast with Julie and Dave before we left to pick up Julie's friend Ann Marie, and then head to downtown Seattle. The weather report had worried me all week as I obsessively checked to see what conditions would be like on Saturday for the race. Thankfully, it was dry, and stayed that way through the whole race! We even got some sunshine, which was a big surprise. The parking downtown was a mess, thanks to road closures for the race, so we were really lucky to have Dave's parking pass, so we used his spot and walked to the race start. As this was a huge race, I expected bedlam when we arrived, but was pleasantly surprised with how efficiently the corral wave starts were. My race plan was to have fun, run as much as I could, drink water at every aid station, and fuel as needed. No time goals, or anything like that, as my training wasn't stellar.

We had plenty of time to snap pictures before beginning. 
{sorry most/all of my race photos have a big PROOF over them, I am borrowing them from the race photogs}
 The race started, but with the corrals being let out in waves, it took around 25 minutes for us to start. I started running with one of Julie's work friends, Phoung, and we were off to a good clip. We darted off to the port-a-potties at mile 2 because the start bathrooms had ridiculous lines and we couldn't go then. 
Phoung started to have some pacing issues, and wanted to walk a few times during the next few miles, so I would make her run a bit, let her walk, then start us off again. Around mile 5 my left foot went numb, not sure why, so we walked a bit, had a chocolate GU {so good, like pudding!} and rounded a corner to find....a HUGE hill! This thing was intense, so we started running and tried to get to the top. We walked the last bit, and then had fun running down the other side. Many people said they didn't like how steep the backside was, but I thought it was great and would have used the momentum to push me off, but I stuck with my buddy. At mile 6 I finally decided to push on without Phoung, who had been insisting I leave her since mile 2, and continued on my way. 
We hit some hills while entering and exiting the freeways that we ran on {so weird!!} and had some crazy tunnels that were hot and loud. While I was in the first tunnel, the very first marathon guy went by, and was proceeded by a truck with the race clock and lots of bullhorns cheering him on. It was intense and disorienting while in the tunnel, but cool to see this super speedy guy come through. Mile 10 was pretty awesome, with some downhill slopes that had me thinking I didn't need another GU and could run the rest of the race. HAH! Mile 11 brought another freeway on ramp hill that had me walking and panting, but it did take me along the waterfront, and by the stadiums which was cool.
Mile 12 brought another tunnel, and in the last .25 of the race another heart breaking hill to the finish line. There was no recovery time from climbing this hill, so I felt like I was barely shuffling along, my hip flexors practically unable to move my legs forward, and everything crying out for me to stop. Thank goodness the finish line was right there, I'm not sure I could have gone further. 
Hello, beautiful shirtless dude I didn't even notice at the race, and yes, that cheesy grin is because I was excited to be done and probably depleted of everything that would make me sane at that moment. I chose not to show you some of the gems that were taken of me unawares and looking like death. Maybe that will be another post all together. "How to look scary and practically dead while running" sounds about right. 

My official time was 2:18:49, and I will totally take it. This course was tough, my training was so-so at best, and I didn't have any goals other than to have fun and finish. My Garmin was a bit thrown off by my stopping at the bathroom, and then losing satellite reception in the tunnels, but it was pretty close and shows a decent portrayal of what each mile was like. 

I finished!! After some photo ops and time to rest in the chute, I headed to meet the group and enjoy my chocolate milk and post-race snacks. 

Julie and I headed home, showered, and took naps, which was a wonderful way to spend the afternoon! My only post-race regret? Not having a giant, delicious, juicy burger from anywhere after the race, which is what I really wanted. I waited until I got back home from Seattle to have a burger with Billy, and even a few days late, it was perfect. Instead, I had an English muffin with peanut butter and honey before my nap, then a plate of chicken and cheese nachos when I got up. 

I will continue my recap of my trip in another post, I am so tired and ready for bed now :)


  1. Chicken and cheese nachos is a good treat for sure. Would I run for two hours? That's another story. Great work on the run...and you make it look like fun :)

  2. Loved this! They got some great pictures of you too!
    So glad to have met you :)

  3. I am soooo sorry you didn't get to have your burger. I was planning on one too before the sickness befell me. I'm glad you got to have one when you got home :)


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