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Seattle, day 1

My title may otherwise be known as "my weekend was too long to recap in one post"! 

In a very fitting way, Seattle greeted me with a steady downpour on Friday that had me worried for the weather during Saturday's race. I met up with my amazing hostess with the mostest Julie {Tri Girl}  at the airport. She recognized me, then snuck up behind me and surprised me with a tap on the shoulder. You guys, Julie is just the cutest! I am so glad she let me stay with her while I was in town, and I feel like I've made a super great friend for life and a total kindred spirit. I'm sure staying with someone you have only talked to online could have been awkward and uncomfortable, but Julie {and her hubby Dave} made me feel right at home, and we had lots in common to keep up chatting for days. 

Expo, part 1
We made our way to Century Link fields, the Seattle sports stadiums, for the race expo. I've never done a Rock 'n' Roll series race before, so I was excited for all the swag from the giant expo.Julie and I had fun sampling bars, drinks, and gathering lots of free goodies in our Rock 'n' Roll totes. We basically were killing time before the real fun began!

 We then met up at Elysian Fields, a local brewery, for a blogger meet up lunch.  Julie and I met up with Megan, the other Megan, their respective significant others, ErikaNicoleStacie, and a few other bloggers that I was introduced to for the very first time. It was so nice meeting some of these girls who until now were just a web presence for me on blogger and social media. I now have voices and personalities to match the words and pictures I have seen. It can be surprising to hear a different voice than you imagined come out of someone you have gotten to know through writing, now I have a physical voice to read their blogs in :)
Expo, part 2
We headed back the expo to finish up checking out the booths, and snapped some fun pictures.
The Megans and I planned to wear our respective "Born and Raced in" Oiselle t-shirts, so we had to get that documented. 
Julie and I "racing" to the finish line :)
I sure wish my finishing time was 2:03:58, it would have been a PR!
Ready for the race to start! 

Julie and I headed home around 5:30pm, both tired from the expo. We made a simple dinner, and headed to bed early, knowing our alarms would be going off far too early. 

Check out my race recap next post!

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