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Hello Monday!

Oh, hey, another Monday!! These things keep rolling out and surprising me every dang time. I have a great excuse today though. I was in Vegas all weekend, so my perception of time is totally skewed!

I hope you all had wonderful weekends, and do know I have a Vegas recap already in the works. I sure hope I find time this week to sit down and finish it. That right there is an indication that my life has been extra busy lately, because blogging used to be something I had time to just sit down and do as I was inspired, whereas now I just hope I get a chance to sit down!

I have a few minutes at work today before my first client comes in, so I figured I would show my sorry bad blogger face and say hello, and wish you all a wonderful week! Now I am off to a long day here at the salon!


Wharf to Wharf 2012 race recap

Wow, what a change in how this race went from 2011 to 2012! 
Matt and I 2011 and 2012 
{he was part of the medical team so he had to run in the same red shirt both years}
Last year I finished the 6 mile race in 50:25 with an 8:25/mile average. I also felt really lonely at this race, since I was by myself, and vowed to convince someone to run with me. Well, I had a lucky break in that Nicole and Matt were running together, and I was even able to convince one of Billy's co-workers that he should run the race with me, even though he isn't really a runner {and I probably scare him, to be honest}. I wasn't lonely at all this race, and I had a ton of fun, felt amazing, and was happy to finish in 58:17. Even though my time was slower, I was incredibly happy with it given the little training I have put into this summer. It was probably my best  run in quite some time with how I felt.
Nicole and Matt, Austin and I all pre-race
Nicole and I pre-race
Matt, Nicole, Austin and I ran together for the first 3 miles, then somehow Austin and I pulled ahead of Matt and Nicole and didn't see them the rest of the race. Apparently they were right behind us for most of it, but with 15,000 people running it's kind of a mess. Austin is a rock climber mostly, but runs occasionally, and had been a little hesitant to agree to running with me, but I am not sure why that was since he was such a rockstar and kicked butt the whole race! He really pushed me to keep going, and we had some great negative splits after warming up the first two miles. This is probably the first race I have had consistent negative splits!
 Austin and I after crossing the finish line, and Nicole and I after the race.

We walked back to the designated pick up spot, got a ride home, then headed out for post-race brunch at this awesome spot called Mollie's Country Cafe. I had an English muffin, egg white and ham sandwich with fried red potatoes and was in food bliss!


Friday's letters

Back at it, linking up with my girl Ashley for Friday's letters! 


Dear Friday, thank you so much for bringing yet another busy weekend my way. *side eye* I don't feel ready for two weddings and 3 crazy days at the salon after this last week.

Dear brand new website, welcome to the world! I admit my first attempt at HTML5 template usage went horribly awry, and I ended up throwing things. Once I got used to the new menu options and location of things, attempt #2 turned out alright and I was able to convert my cute little Flash site to a language even iPhone users can access! Go check it out, it's pretty in pink and has four different portfolios of my hair and makeup work!

Dear rest, I miss you. Maybe in a few weeks we can be reunited?

Dear Vegas, ooh baby, you are a week away! I can't wait to be back in your warm arms, getting my skanky dress on, and supporting my bestie Tiffany at her fitness competition. Bummer Billy won't be joining me :(
{1st, 2nd, and 3rd Vegas trip pics}

Dear Billy, I've been so jealous of your time off this week! Calling you in the afternoons and finding out you were napping, or had been on the couch all day made me steam! I still love you, but man what I would have traded to be in YOUR shoes this week!

Dear Ashley, I am so incredibly sad you are leaving San Jose and me next week! I know Michigan is where family is, and it's technically home, but you have become a great friend and I will miss you so much! Too bad we didn't get more pictures together, I am sure my blog readers think I am making up our friendship lol! Thanks for introducing me to Michaela and Kate, I am glad to have more new friends, even after you leave!

Dear Haute Bride, thank you so much for being such an amazing local business and allowing me to borrow a beautiful Modern Trousseau gown and so many incredible jewels and accessories. The styled shoot wouldn't have been anything without your support and contributions! PS- if any of you brides are looking for amazing accessories, please check out this boutique! All of the pieces are designed by the owner Lindsie, and they are just breathtaking! 

Like whoa weekend recap

Oh. my. goodness. The last week was ca-ray-zay! I only just today was able to sit down, open my computer, and actually start sifting through the e-mails that had piled up while I was too busy/tired/zombied to check. 

Friday's surprise birthday executing turned out wonderfully! A candy bar, amazing cake, savory crepes, and footy pajamas were involved. 
I had a very early morning wedding on Sunday that wiped me out, and Monday I did hair for a super cute J-Pop artist named AiCherie for her latest music video. 
Now, Tuesday was fun! The styled shoot I have been helping to plan finally arrived. A day full of running errands, collecting shoot items, and styling hair and makeup kept me busy. 

Want a sneak peek of the cuteness of the shoot? Oh, OK, here ya go!


Friday's Letters

Linking up with my girl Ashley for Friday's letters!

Dear Tyler, you are so stinking rad! Thanks for being such a cool kid the two days I watched you. Swimming was super fun, and you are so chatty and happy. Being 3 must be the best thing ever.

Dear Sadie, how did you develop a separation anxiety thing this week? You know I always come home, so what's with the anxious yelping and noise making you do when I leave? Get over it puppy, or I'm getting a bark collar that you won't like.

Dear Billy, spending time with you is such a treat! I love when our schedules mesh well and we get to spend extra time together. You're pretty cute too, so that doesn't hurt!

Dear kitchen table, how do you always manage to get covered in stuff 3.4 seconds after I clear you off? Are you a magnet for mail, purses, water bottles and general clutter? Stay clean, or else!

Dear Tuesday's styled photo shoot, I am so excited for you! Ashley, Michaela and I all met today to talk about you and divide the labor and work to make you fantastic. Can't. freaking. wait.

Dear AiCherie, I had never heard of you or J-POP {Japanese Pop music} before, but now I get to do your hair for a music video shoot on Monday, and I am pretty stoked! 

Dear extra long work weekend, please be kind to me! It will be a very busy five days from Friday morning until Tuesday night, and I am a little scared. Billy should be too, because I will likely be a very tired, stressed, and cranky girl that needs to be fed quickly and put to bed each night. See you all on Wednesday! 


Tasty Tuesday recipe links

When I shared my struggle with my weight recently, I made a promise to myself to do the hard stuff. The hard stuff includes eating healthy, making a concerted effort to move every day, and to be honest with myself. Unfortunately, I did not stick with my promise at all last week! I continued to eat for convenience rather than health, I made excuses about having a weird schedule or being too busy to move every day, and I was not honest with myself when I mindlessly popped M&Ms into my mouth on several occasions. 

Why is being healthy so hard?! 
I know the answer to that, I just don't like it, but I do like to whine once in awhile a lot.

This week I am approaching my health and fitness goals head on. I am making a food plan and getting my meals prepped, I am scheduling in work outs, and I am going to try to be accountable for my actions. 

So let's share some yummy recipes I have found{on Pinterest, of course!} to help with my healthy eating goals!
{don't even get me started on how quickly Pinterest can derail your diet goals; that site is covered in delectable baked goodies recipes that I am DYING to make, but I digress}

Now go, make healthy choices, eat yummy, good for you food, and move a little more than you did yesterday! 


All things wedding Monday

Happy Monday dolls! Hope you all had wonderful weekends full of fun.

My life has revolved around weddings lately. From attending, to doing bridal trials in the salon, to going on location on a wedding day, to helping organize and execute a wedding photo shoot, weddings is on my brain. 

I went to a beautiful wedding this weekend, and NOPE, I didn't have to work it! I actually attended. It felt so stinkin' weird to not have done the bridal party hair and makeup prior to sitting down to watch the ceremony and enjoy the reception. I even offered my services to the bride a few times before the wedding, to see if the bridal party was interested, but they had that down on lock, and they all looked gorgeous on their own.

 top: the ceremony at a private ranch in San Jose. 
Middle left: the cake my friend Sarah made {also made my wedding cake & favors}. Middle right: The stunning bride Deborah coming down the aisle
Bottom left: Sarah, her 3 month old daughter Cameryn and I. Bottom Right: a sparkler send off

To Jeff and Deborah, may God lead your marriage, may love fill your hearts, and may you be each others best friend for all of your days! 

I've been quite busy with bridal trials at the salon, and I've been better about sharing the pics on Instagram, but for anyone who isn't following me {@hairbyadrian} here is a peek at the lovely ladies who come to my chair to play with hair and makeup.
 Beth {she made the fabric flower pin!}
 Kimi {hair only}
 Barbara, the look we are doing for her wedding
Barbara, our first hair try, but ultimately not "the one"
Raquel, hair only
Selene on her wedding day June 29, 2012

Hoped you have enjoyed a peek at my work for the last few weeks! If you are or someone you know is getting married, I love to travel!


Happy Independence Day!

Hope your fourth of July is filled with barbecues, 
and fireworks!

I'm a very lucky girl that gets to go to a southern style BBQ at my friend Kate's new house. I'm bringing a fruit and yogurt salad that I found on Pinterest, 
a spinach and strawberry salad similar to this recipe,
and Alton Brown's guacamole and chips. 
I'm getting hungry just thinking about it! 

Have a safe and happy 4th of July!

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