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Like whoa weekend recap

Oh. my. goodness. The last week was ca-ray-zay! I only just today was able to sit down, open my computer, and actually start sifting through the e-mails that had piled up while I was too busy/tired/zombied to check. 

Friday's surprise birthday executing turned out wonderfully! A candy bar, amazing cake, savory crepes, and footy pajamas were involved. 
I had a very early morning wedding on Sunday that wiped me out, and Monday I did hair for a super cute J-Pop artist named AiCherie for her latest music video. 
Now, Tuesday was fun! The styled shoot I have been helping to plan finally arrived. A day full of running errands, collecting shoot items, and styling hair and makeup kept me busy. 

Want a sneak peek of the cuteness of the shoot? Oh, OK, here ya go!


You just made my day!

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