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When I shared my struggle with my weight recently, I made a promise to myself to do the hard stuff. The hard stuff includes eating healthy, making a concerted effort to move every day, and to be honest with myself. Unfortunately, I did not stick with my promise at all last week! I continued to eat for convenience rather than health, I made excuses about having a weird schedule or being too busy to move every day, and I was not honest with myself when I mindlessly popped M&Ms into my mouth on several occasions. 

Why is being healthy so hard?! 
I know the answer to that, I just don't like it, but I do like to whine once in awhile a lot.

This week I am approaching my health and fitness goals head on. I am making a food plan and getting my meals prepped, I am scheduling in work outs, and I am going to try to be accountable for my actions. 

So let's share some yummy recipes I have found{on Pinterest, of course!} to help with my healthy eating goals!
{don't even get me started on how quickly Pinterest can derail your diet goals; that site is covered in delectable baked goodies recipes that I am DYING to make, but I digress}

Now go, make healthy choices, eat yummy, good for you food, and move a little more than you did yesterday! 

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  1. Mmm...I had roasted veggies and fish on the BBQ last night. Oil, Sea Salt and Pepper, or balsamic drizzle makes any veggie delicious. I might have to try out the Mexican Sweet Potato Quinoa...sounds like a great combo!


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