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Vegas, baby! Day 1

Holy smokes, what a weekend!! Another epic Vegas vacation is in the books, and boy am I tired! I love Vegas so much, but I always need to recuperate after being there, like I could use a vacation from my vacation! 

This trip started off early, like 2am on Thursday morning early. I had to get myself up and together enough to  make it on the road by 3am, so I could pick up Tom by 3:45am. I will not complain too much though, my flight was taken care of, so I can't gripe about the departure time. How do I feel about such early starts? Meh, but I'll give a free flight a thumbs up any dark and early morning. Also, I have the biggest duffel bag ever! Thanks Billy for buying us Ful bags! We arrived in Vegas to a delightful 85 degrees, at 7:30am! While waiting for our ride, we saw the basketball recruiting teams for University of Florida and University of Central Florida come through, as there was a huge high school basketball tournament in Vegas this weekend. Another huge event in Vegas this weekend was Microsoft 2012, so there were a ton of tech nerds all over the place, and especially at the Cosmopolitan.
We made it to our cute little off strip hotel sweating, and were so happy to see how swanky the place looked! The Rumor Boutique Hotel on Harmon and Paradise is awesome! It's pretty different from the hotels I have stayed at in Vegas as it wasn't a high rise, but two story buildings housing 12 suites each with outdoor staircases. Made for some warm jaunts back and forth to the car or lobby, but totally cute. We so took advantage of the decor for some photoshoots, as Tom is a budding photographer and of course brought his impressive gear. Umbrella lights in the hotel room? Strobe flash on the patio? Totally nailed it.
Arriving in Vegas early means you have a lot of time to kill while it's still too hot out to do anything. I had Tiffany put in my awesome new Babe's tape in extensions, which totally rock my world. Billy says long hair on me makes me look very young. I think he is just prejudiced because when he met me at 18 years old I had long hair, and haven't had it since, at least not naturally.  "Long hair, don't care!"
 Once my Rapunzel weave was in, we headed over and got our airbrush tan on by Terry at Bronzed! I've never had airbrush tanning done before, so it was a little weird, but Terry was super awesome and kept calling me "my love", "gorgeous" and "beautiful" in a perfectly gay way, so I was comfortable. Leaving Bronzed a tad sticky and a lot darker, I felt like a whole new person, so perfect for Vegas.
From there we headed to do a little shopping, because Vegas is all about the consumerism! We went to the Fashion Show Mall  at the north end of the strip near the Venetian. It's at least 3 levels and beyond amazing for those shopaholics. 
Of course a trip down Las Vegas Boulevard was in order after shopping!
Before heading to dinner, Tom pulled out his photography equipment, I did Tiffany's and my hair and makeup for a photoshoot! These are the two Tom has "released" on Facebook so far, I love the one of Tiffany and I :) His new ring flash makes faces look fabulous! 
Dinner was at Holstein's at the Cosmopolitan in City Center. It's definitely worth waiting to eat here, as the burgers and drinks are amazing! I had the California turkey burger with steak fries, and the birthday upside down cake martini, Oh Em Gee delicious! 
We wandered around Cosmopolitan before heading home and totally took some silly pictures posing on couches, pretending to use the old fashioned phones that decorated the place, and even sat on the giant shoe sculptures, along with taking in the great chandelier that drips through the different levels of the casino.
Can you believe that this was all done in just one day?! Stay tuned for day 2 and 3! 


  1. so awesome i am going to vegas next weekend! soo excited my first time!

  2. That is quite the day in Vegas! Can't wait to see what the other days hold :)

  3. We go to Vegas often & it never seems to get old. We ate @ Holsteins & loved it!!!!


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