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hot cheetos and takis

Have y'all seen this music video? 
At first it made me giggle, because really, hot cheetos and takis? Who sings about snack foods? As the video progressed I got pretty sad. First of all, these kids obviously have no concept of nutrition. Secondly, the kids have obviously been listening and watching hip hop songs and videos on the regular to be able to make their own rap and video complete with slick moves, and breaking down the flow.

Sigh. I'm old.

Should I care? Should I just consider this irreverent and silly? I shouldn't be so uptight about it, right? What do you ladies think, silly, or sad?


Almaden treasures

I live in a very beautiful area. For such a large, developed city, San Jose has a ton of beautiful little gems tucked all around it. I've shared with you my love of the parks and trails before, but thought I would let you know what I have been seeing on my outings lately. 
Not to be confused with Almaden Lake, which I also absolutely love. I've ventured out in a new direction recently on my bike rides, and found a route that takes me by another of the many reservoirs in the south San Jose area. Almaden reservoir is tucked back in the foothills near Quicksilver park, where one of the largest Mercury mining operations was centered in the 1800's.  The California golden hills cradle the little man made lake, making for some idealic vistas when I rest at my turn around spot on my 20+ mile rides. It's a bit of a climb for me to get to the reservoir, so I really enjoy having something pretty to look at while I get my heart rate under control and have some water before starting my trek home. 

Growing up, the Almaden Valley section of San Jose was where some of my affluent friends lived, and the zip code I most admired. I now live on the border of this lovely area, and many of my friends live around here too. Last week I joined one of my besties, Sarah, and her family for dinner at her grandfather's home in the Almaden hills. Grandpa's house has a sweeping vista of the southern part of San Jose, and we just happened to catch a glorious golden sunset while having dinner. The photograph shows you the hills I like to hike and bike through, where Quicksilver park is situated.
This is a recently renovated miners' boarding house that now serves as the Quicksilver mining museum.  A friend of mine recently got married at Casa Grande, and I definitely approved! She got married facing the back of the building, which is the first photo below. I snapped these on my ride home from Almaden Reservoir on Sunday's 22 mile bike ride. Exploring the grounds gave me a good excuse to take another break!

I hope to see and share more of these lovely areas while I am out getting some miles in during training! For now, enjoy my Almaden adventures :)


These are my Confessions {v2}

Linking up with my wonderful friend Leigh for a series she created in which she confesses something new. 
Hey Leigh, I made you a little graphic for your series if you feel like using it, I linked it to your blog :)

I confess:
I have a major texture issue. 

Be it my food, my skin, clothing, or otherwise, texture is HUGE for me. 

I can't eat most seafood because of the texture. Shell fish? Heck no! That rubbery squish between my teeth is so unpleasant and makes me gag. I like do salmon, tilapia, and tuna from the can, but haven't found much else that doesn't set off my texture aversion.

Red meat also has an unappealing texture for me. Hamburger I can deal with, filet mignon? Oh, please, the consistency is like chewing on the heel of my own hand. 

When it comes to textures on my skin, smooth is the way to go. I confess I am a chronic picker. If I get a blemish, you better believe I am going to worry at it, my fingers finding it unconsciously. Dry skin, and scabs are right there too. Sorry, I know that's gross, and I have tried to leave stuff alone, but I get desperate to make it smooth again and will scratch at and get rid of any texture I find. 

Certain fabrics and yarns really bug me. I don't like scratchy or very thick materials. I don't think I own a single chunky knit sweater because the yarn will be too much for me. Angora? No. way. I have enough trouble keeping the cat and dog hair out of my clothes, why would I buy something that is made with it? 

The biggest annoyances for me are meat and textures on my skin, for sure. 

What are you confessing this week? 


I heart Aditi

Hey ladies! I have a little piece of cuteness for you to watch today, you will love it!

Billy showed me this video a few weeks ago and it made my day. Of course I wanted to share it with all of you. Watch and smile my dears.


Monday Funday

Happy Monday darlings! I got a jump start on some posts for this week, so hopefully you will see me around more than usual {and hopefully you like that!}. 

Let's dive right in and participate in a little blog hop that has made me so many awesome blog friends who have become in real life {IRL} friends! 

Meg is such an incredibly sweet host to always allow us to find one another, so I hope you will go visit her blog today and get hopping! Who knows, maybe your newest BBFF {that would be best bloggy friend forever} is waiting for you!

Today I am going to be in a hair cutting class all day. Like 10am-7pm all day. That's a full work day I will be using to learn. Hope I get a lot out of it! 

Have a great week dolls!


What I'm loving

Oh, heeeeey there blog peeps! 

It's been a little quiet over here around the Happy Girl blog, and I have no good reason for my absence. 

So let's get to something fun, shall we? How about a volume of What I'm loving Wednesday! I'm not sure where it originated, but Allison participates regularly, and I will link up with her :)
The Expendables 2! Billy and I caught a matinee on Monday and loved it! Oh, don't mistake, it was so cheesy, had a ton of silly one liners and had awesome cameo appearances. I love when movies embrace the cheese factor and fun. Oh and lots of explosions! So fun! Um, and you can NEVER go wrong when my boyfriend, Jason Statham, is in a movie.
Dark chocolate dreams peanut butter from Peanut Butter and Co. Oh, so yummy! I've been coring strawberries and filling them up with this stuff. I even crushed up some graham crackers and sprinkled that on the peanut butter, totally decadent without being too bad for me. 
I'm loving Gossip Girl on Netflix instaqueue. Well, pretty much anything on instaqueue, because I don't have cable and still want to be entertained. GG is just so full of teenage angst and drama, beautiful hair and makeup, and exquisite wardrobe for everyone! 
What I'm not loving....

I took out my beautiful long Rapunzel extensions today {they were slipping out after too much conditioner and a long 4 weeks on my head}, and I miss them so much! My hair feels so thin and short now :(
Waiting on my next Vegas trip. Oh, yes, I do have it all booked and I can't wait to go back! Billy and I will be staying at the Monte Carlo for a few nights the second week of September. I want to enjoy the lady river and wave pool at the hotel, eat at all sorts of wonderful places, and just enjoy time with my man. Why does it have to be 3 weeks away?!
My lack of desire to run lately. I've been devoting time to my bike, but it's been really hard to get out the door for a run. Um, not good when my next half marathon is 8 weeks away! I will have to put in more than one or two 3 mile runs a week if I plan on getting through those San Francisco hills on October 14!

What are you loving today?


dysfunctional and Pulse

Oh dolls, have I gotten myself into something wonderful! 

My sweet friend Anne is a personal trainer with a fabulous new business called Pulse Kettlebells and Yoga, and she is changing my life. I started training with her once a week a few weeks back, and I cannot believe the changes I am seeing. No, nothing so drastic as a whole new body, a ton of lost weight, or anything like that {yet!}, but I have seen amazing changes in how I use my body to perform exercises. 

Anne is a Vinyasa yoga instructor, RKC certified Kettlebell instructor, and teaches boot camps, body sculpt, and spin classes. She's pretty kick ass, and she has kicked mine every. single. session.
You see, Anne uses functional training to help discover body imbalances and correct them. In true overachiever fashion, I happen to be very dysfunctional. Having all of my Thoracic spine fused means I have no bend in my middle back, and have pretty much stopped using my lats and core to lift and stabilize, and instead use my back muscles and traps. From running, I have developed a problem where I don't use my glutes and hamstrings pretty much at all, and instead solely use my quads and hip flexors to move my body and get depth in stretches. 

I used to think I was really good at holding planks, that is, until Anne corrected my form and showed me what muscles I should be using. Now I am a vibrating mess that can barely maintain a 30 second plank. Lunges and squats never really targeted my booty or the backs of my legs like they are supposed to, so I thought they were just bogus exercises. Apparently I am the bogus one, because changing how I squat and lunge has my backside screaming in agony for days after a session with Anne. Dear God, sitting down, climbing stairs, any movement really, simply hurts. 

And I love it. 

I thank Anne for my soreness multiple times throughout our sessions and in e-mails later when I can barely sit down without wincing. I want to change my body, and I can't do that without a lot of restructuring how I move. Which hurts so good. Soreness means I am using my muscles properly, and they are getting a good workout.

Whenever I think of areas I would like to target, inner thighs, belly, and upper arms are the first things to come to mind. Well, after getting those areas and more hit every session, I am realizing it hurts a lot to fix them, but I'll take it. Oh, and kettlebell swings are crazy powerful for the inner thighs and butt. I'll be buying my own bell soon, and I can't wait to learn snatches and practice my swings and Turkish get ups at home. I am looking forward to having square crotch and a bubble butt someday!

What are you doing to move your body this week? Have you picked up a new hobby, or started a new fitness routine? Anything is good, just stick with it and with consistency you will see changes!


Oh, college...

I just watched the Social Network {I know, finally!} and loved it. Having been to the Facebook headquarters, both the Palo Alto location and the current Menlo Park location, I have seen how this giant billion dollar company runs from the inside out. I think my first impression of the place was "this is a frickin' summer camp, or college campus". After seeing the movie and taking it with a grain of salt for absolute accuracy, I have come to believe that is exactly the kind of atmosphere that is cultivated. 

The movie also had me thinking back to my own college days. Community college is a far cry from Harvard, and a journalism major vastly different from tech stuff. Um, sorry if you just thought "journalism major, really? With this kind of writing?" Yeah, I quit college and went to beauty school for a reason, mainly because I realized I wasn't as good of a writer as I had originally thought, and I love hair way more. Oh yeah, back to my point. So, back in college, I spent a ton of money of textbooks quarter after quarter. I really wish there had been a service where I could just rent my books for a fraction of the cost of buying them, because even if you could sell them back after the class was over, you would get some ridiculously low amount for the books. 

Enter Campus Book Rentals, a website devoted to helping poor college students afford their textbooks. CBR offers free shipping both ways, and a 30 day money back guarantee in case your Advanced Under Water Basket Weaving class is cancelled, or your Foreign Politics class is way out of your league.

Want to know another cool thing about CBR? They have partnered with Operation Smile , an organization that provides surgeries for children with cleft lips, palates and other facial deformities whose families otherwise could not afford it. Wow, that's a fabulous partnership if you ask me. Another cool thing? They set aside $90,000 in textbook scholarships for students. Pretty awesome.  

Now, if you, or anyone you know, is taking college classes that require a textbook {um, isn't that every class?} you might want to get yourself over to Campus Book Rentals and browse their titles for your own required reading. 

This is a sponsored post, as I was given compensation to write it, however the opinions are all my own. If you would like to partner with  Campus Book Rentals also, let me know, as they are looking for more interested bloggers to do sponsored posts!


Monday's calling

Happy Monday, folks! I'm sneaking in a post today because I have a later start at work, and well, I miss Monday posts! If you have some time today and want to get extra blog exposure, head on over to Life of Meg's Mingle Monday blog hop!
Another wedding filled weekend has gone by, having done hair and makeup for two bridal parties, as well as a nice couple of days at the salon to cap it off. Nothing new or exciting happened, I save those experiences for my "weekend" which is usually Wednesday and Thursday. 

Speaking of my weekend, last week Billy and I tried a new to us New Orleans style restaurant called Poor House Bistro. I ordered a BBQ chicken Po'boy sandwich, Billy and I split an order of sausage bread, and he got a burger, as usual. 
My BBQ chicken sandwich had "spicy" written next to it on the menu, so I assumed it would have a little kick. You know what they say about assuming. That "spicy" was an understatement. My mouth was on fire, and there were no other flavors except for HOT! I tried valiantly to eat as much as I could, but my nose was running, my eyes were tearing up, and I think my throat was trying to close up to keep me from my task. I ended up scraping out most of the meat and eating a little of the bread and produce, and my cornbread muffin with lots of butter came in handy. Never again will this little white girl with no tolerance for heat order something that has "spicy" written next to it! I should have just ordered the beignets like I had wanted to in the first place :) 

While at PHB, I was snapping pics of my food to be a good blogger, and I had Billy take the one of me with my food that I posted above. Since I liked it so much, I asked him to take ONE more without my food. Billy decided to play photoshoot instead, so here are the rest of the photos, complete with shut eyes and funny faces! I love that husband of mine, even if he doesn't take direction well haha


If you really knew me

I've seen this on countless blogs recently, so I'm taking a cue from the lovely Ashley and playing this fun game of "If you really knew me" today, because sometimes stealing other people's ideas is just too easy. 

If you really knew me,

You would know I am terrified of monkeys. Like even the cute, nice looking ones. Those dang primates are too smart for their own good, they throw poop, and they chew peoples faces off. Also I may have read a series of Dean Koontz books that contained extremely smart and violent monkeys that had had their DNA messed with. Oh, Chris Snow series, you scared me.
You would know I have selective ADD. I will set out on one chore or task, and within minutes find myself inexplicably deciding to move to another without finishing the first. This happens repeatedly, and all the time. I eventually finish everything, but I can't see one task through to the end in one go.  I also usually can't sit still and do just one thing. I typically will watch a movie or TV show, while surfing the Internet or something on my laptop.
If you really knew me,

You'd know I am fiercely loyal and supportive of my small  group of very close friends. I can seem quite guarded and reserved at first because I love to listen and take things in, but once you are in my heart, there is very little that can change my mind about our friendship, and I can't shut up. Here are a few of my absolute besties!
You'd know I love me some comfort food, but only in the last year or so really started eating hamburgers. I didn't eat red meat at all before that, and pretty much just stick to burgers now. I can thank Billy for converting me to be a burger lover. 
 You'd know that even though I prefer to post pictures of myself looking completely fabulous, that's hardly how I look on a regular basis. The one on the right is more like it. 
 You'd know that Billy is the love of my life, my soul mate, and my best friend. But we don't take each other or ourselves too seriously. I adore spending time with him, for real. I enjoy our time together so much, and get a kick out of everything he says. He truly makes me laugh out loud daily.
If you have done this post already, or if you end up doing it, can you leave me a comment letting me know? I would love to get to know you better too! Oh, and can you pretty please with sugar on top make sure your email address isn't blocked so I can reply to your comments via email? I hate not being able to say hello back!

50 Shades trailer

ZOMG, you guys, this is the best fake 50 Shades of Grey trailer I've seen, and I've seen all of two,  {both with Matt Bomer as Christian and Alexis Bledel as Ana}, so I'm obviously a credible judge. 

I haven't been following the crazy speculations over who to cast for the roles, but frankly, this pairing is pretty epic. I love Matt Bomer in White Collar {and in Magic Mike, HOTT}, and Alexis Bledel is a fantastic meek little sexiness of an actress, so why not? Sure, I had originally been swayed that Ian Somerholder would make an excellent Christian, but Matt can hold his own too. 

What do you guys think? Do you have a dream cast in mind? Let me know who you would pick!


Vegas, baby! Day 3

I hope you are not getting too tired of my Vegas posts, because this is the last one, I swear!
You can ready my day 1 and day 2 recaps also.

Day 3 was not the most exciting or fun day. I was quite unhappy and had the worst headache ever. I even had waves of nausea that would drain the color from my face and have me closing my eyes until they passed. To say I was hungover is an understatement. It was quite fitting of the night before, that is for sure. Rolling out of bed was difficult, but we made it happen to go in search of food. Nice, greasy, breakfast food to help sop up the remaining alcohol in our systems and fix the discomfort. I can't speak for the rest of my group, but that is what I was looking for. 

We ended up at the Egg and I, a Vegas breakfast institution that is well deserving of the many years running best of awards. I ordered the original breakfast burrito, modified to include scrambled eggs, ranch potatoes, sausage and cheese, that came with a healthy side of seasoned potatoes. I really wish my stomach wasn't so off so I could have thoroughly enjoyed my meal, but as it stands I couldn't finish it and though it was awesomely tasty, it was pretty wasted on me.
Upon returning from breakfast I crawled back in bed, and that nap along with a hearty breakfast and lots of Tylenol had me feeling close to human again when I woke up several hours later.

Our plans were pretty light for Saturday night because Tom and I had to catch a 7:35am plane back to San Jose. We planned on dinner and hanging out on the strip before retiring early. We headed to Cabo Wabo at Planet Hollywood for some yummy Mexican grub. We ordered a sampler platter of quesadillas, taquitos, nachos, wings, and guac with chips and salsa. Man do I love some yummy Mexican food! I ordered chicken tacos for my main course, and paired it all with a Seagrams sweet tea vodka and lemonade cocktail. 

We stayed at PH and walked around the Miracle Mile shops, playing at Sephora, grabbing froyo from Red Mango and having fun looking through all of the stores. Around 11 we headed back to the hotel hoping to clean up the room and head to bed for our 5am wake up call. 

At the hotel we ran into something unexpected- a tech industry computer party in the outdoor courtyard by the pool. Lots of nerds, normal people, punks, and more were gathered in force, listening to a band cover 90's video game and TV show theme songs, then a full DJ set until 2am. Yes, a full on rave happened right outside our window until 2am. So much for getting any sleep! There were even Furries, a cat and a fox, hula hooping with glowing neon hoops. 
Tom took that picture and made it glow like daylight! My own pictures are dark and blurry haha

I finally settled into bed, put my sleep mask on and tried to get some rest around 1:45am. 5am came ridiculous early. Only notable thing about Sunday morning was I almost missed my flight thanks to Jamba Juice. Word of advice, if there is a long line, don't even bother ordering an orange juice and steel cut oatmeal. Even if it doesn't go in a blender, they won't give it to you out of number order so it will sit within eyesight for 15 minutes while your plane is boarding. I asked to have just my oatmeal and then ran to my flight, 1 minute from having my seat given away! 

And that concludes my trip to Las Vegas! No more updates, I promise!

Oh, and I've already got another trip in the works for September, because Billy needs to go this year also. It wouldn't be fair to be the only one who gets to play!


Five years

Another wonderful year has passed being married to my very best friend in the entire world. Last year I did a four years post, and frankly nothing has changed. 

To Billy, my love:

You are the best fur baby daddy. You have the most incredible hugs that never fail to make all my anxieties and stress melt away. You are sensitive, compassionate, loyal, and kind. You are strong, resilient, and such a hard worker. You are my cuddly Billy bear, my strong and steady hand, my confidante and issue-worker-outer. 

Thank you for being married to me for "a whole hand!", it's been pretty awesome!
I love you more than anything! 


Vegas, Baby! Day 2

I left off my Las Vegas recap with day 1, so go there to see what you may have missed {here's a clue, there was a lot!}

Day 2 started early with us rustling out of bed and welcoming our friend Kim, who had driven in from Orange County to spend the rest of the weekend with us. Since I was working for my weekend in Vegas, I got Tiffany, Kim and myself all dolled up, and we headed to Mimi's cafe in Paradise for some lunch time grub {or brunch for the rest of the group}! From there we headed to the Las Vegas Premium Outlets, which let me tell you is no joke. These outlets are freestanding rows of stores, so you have to leave the luxurious air conditioning and walk through the 100+ degree weather to the next shop. Thankfully there were mister fans all over the place, which helped if you stood directly under them. I found a little wristlet at Guess for $15, which served me so well the rest of the weekend. I definitely recommend having a tiny purse that fits your phone, lipstick, and any cash or cards you want to carry. Lugging your big purse out at night is such a bummer, a little wristlet or clutch is so much easier to handle. The wristlet works for me because it's attached to me all the time so I don't lose it :)

Once we were sufficiently shopped out, hot, and tired, we headed back to the hotel to cool down get ready for our evening. I super loved my turquoise dress I wore that evening. It was a Forever 21 find, and was awesome! I met Vegas halfway with this dress, as it was tight in the skirt, but modest on top, perfect for being out without your husband present. My Sparkly wedges were a DSW find, and OMG did I love rocking those things all weekend. The wedges and the dress made me love my legs, which is a nice feeling!
A lot of this went on before we left too, because we're classy broads who pre-game with fancy flavored vodka and diet 7up! Also, self portraits in the hotel lobby are a must when you match the lighting, and you have to get good bling shots too! I wore the spikey bracelets :)
I made dinner reservations at the Sugar Factory American Brasserie at Paris because they have great food and are "always open". We asked our server, Shane, what his recommendation for a goblet drink was, and he immediately suggested the white gummi, which didn't disappoint! It had gummi worms, was berry flavored and vodka based, and even had smoke coming out of it! Wow was it delicious! All four of us finished the drink, and it was potent enough to have us all a little giggly. We ordered two pizzas, the BBQ chicken and the white, and both were really good. Tiffany's friend Lamar joined us while we were eating so our group became 5. For dessert, we again turned to Shane to suggest a good sundae, and he said the cookie monster was great. Um, totally right again, Shane, way to go! We got a PB&J dessert pizza, and totally wrecked both desserts, because were sugar addicts like that. Two words describe us after dinner: sugar wasted! 
What transpired next was a lot of deliberating what nightclub to go to {so hard with 5 people}, drinking copious amounts of Patron Silver {my drink of choice}, standing in line only to be told our free entrance passes to Chateau were no good because Soljaboy was performing, and leaving to try our luck at Planet Hollywood. Outside PH I happened to do the MOST EPIC photobomb of my life when I totally jumped into some dude's photo in front of the hotel sign, arms outstretched, biggest freaking grin on my face, directly behind him. His buddies were positively dying of laughter at my perfect timing and then how I immediately ran away. I thought I was so clever. We got wristbands to Koi, then to Gallery nightclub only to stand in line again and then be turned down at the front because one person in our group wasn't wearing a collared shirt *cough, Lamar, cough*. At this point, I just wanted to dance, and had been drinking enough to make this usually awkward thing fun for me. A lot of Patron shots wer taken, as were sips of Tiffany's and Kim's drinks, so I was very smiley, fuzzy headed, and ready for whatever happened next. I think we gave up on going to a club {wah, all that drinking to make dancing easier was for nothing- but my own enjoyment!} and somehow made it across the street to the Bellagio in hopes of finding something to do there. Lamar quickly left our group when sitting at a casino bar with very old people was suggested, so we decided to call it a night and head back to our own hotel. On the way out I realized the view from Bellagio can't be beat, even from the taxi stand. One remarkable thing I saw while waiting there was a girl just lay down on the ground, too drunk to function. Her poor friends pleaded and finally pulled her up, but it served as a sobering warning to me that I was not about to embarrass myself or my friends that way. 
Instead of going straight back to the hotel, we stopped at the Hard Rock Hotel and wandered through the casino. I have no recollection of what we did there, or why we stopped and for how long. I did however snap photos of the go-go dancers climbing stripper poles because that ish is cray and I can't believe they make something so athletic and difficult look so easy.

 Back at the hotel, it was proposed we do a photoshoot down by the pool in the cabanas, because we were obviously pretty full of ourselves at that point, and thought it was a great idea. I had a serious case of the giggles, and ended up laughing so hard at Tiffany posing by a light column that I had to put my hands on my knees, which toppled me right over into the grass, much like that poor girl at the Bellagio. Thankfully I wasn't in a very public place and managed to get myself up after some more laughing. There will be no photos of that late night photoshoot because once we reviewed the photos while sober, we begged Tom not to post any, they were just too awful! You can imagine how 3 inebriated ladies, trying to be models at 2am, would turn out disastrous. A good laugh was had for sure though. I did snap a self portrait back in the hotel room, and managed to post it to Instagram or somewhere, which was a surprise to me the next morning! Can you see how ready for bed I was?!
I was quite proud of myself for washing my face and brushing my teeth before collapsing into bed around 3am, concluding day 2 of our Vegas adventure!

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